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New surface collectable only ore type


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Ore collecting off the surface is the easiest profession for somebody just starting. Problem is the ore prices are dropping like crazy as professionals with high skills can collect so much so easy.


To give new players a place in the market, I think there needs to be at least one material which can only be harvested by surface collection. Maybe wood, maybe plants, just something that is surface only, but needed somewhere in production for something cool.


The large scale miners won’t touch it as the slow collection rate compared to under ground wouldn’t be worth it. It means that new and old players would have a fair chance in the market for at least one item.

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Yip, but new players are sent to Sanctuary by the tutorial where half of the nodes they are chasing end up being on the next (locked) hex. Plus if they don’t use their resources well, it can be hard to get to the next planet unless they are lucky with the resources on their hex

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