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Move Element Tool - CTRL + Click to select multiple elements for moving. (with arrow keys)


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I've been moving and rearranging my base constantly as I grow, and figure out better ways to organize as well as make things a little more aesthetically pleasing.    In many instances, I need to move an entire section of containers etc and moving them one at a time is a real chore.


If I could select all of them, and move them as a group, that would save me a LOT of effort and sanity.  A big quality of life improvement. 


How I see it working is the user would have the Move Element Tool equipped, and CNTRL + Left Click to mark each Element you wish to move in the group.  And Arrow Key (Shift Arrow key) them into the new location.  They would pass/fail as a group.  So if one element goes out of bounds, or collides with another the whole group goes red and cannot be placed.  Once you get them to the new position, and they are all blue and clear.  Hit enter to place them just like you would a single item being moved with arrow keys.  

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