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Upgrade \ expansion of factory buildings.

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Upgrade \ expansion of factory buildings.
- Buildings now have an "extension" function. Those. can be attached to the building
a block that will improve its efficiency or provide new functions.
1) Production accelerator.
2) Own buffer mini-warehouse.
3) Platform for a transport drone.
4) Own substation.
5) Programming unit (mountable tablet).
6) Upper sign for displaying information.
7) Shield generator.
* - On special highlighted points of the building - can be installed
* - A building can have several outbuildings of the same type.
* - You can configure installed extensions in additional
sections or tabs of the building window (which will appear after installation).
* - Thus, you can make the workshop more efficient, practically
with the same placement area.
* - Until electricity is introduced, there are no drones, etc., then you can while
confine ourselves to points 1, 2, 5, 6.

* - This also applies to containers, but they only have items 5 and 6 available.
* - The signboard can be configured without the Lua language, in it you can

choose which building parameters will be displayed (you can display several

parameters at the same time). This is for those who do not want to study Lua.

The displayed parameters can also contain the name of the building, which

can be edited (so that later it is easier to understand which production

chain is in front of the player in front of his eyes).

The sign can also work in programming mode, for this, an extension

from point 5 is used.

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