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Reduce Server Load by Clientside Distribution

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Please consider moving the tutorials away from the bustling markets and into a fully singleplayer environment. All of the optional tutorials already put you into a load-gated area, so a loading screen to send you to a singleplayer experience wouldn't feel any different from if it were connected to the shard.


Additionally, albeit more controversially, I believe DU needs a singleplayer ship editor. I understand the concerns, DU clearly wants everyone in one universe, but I think for ship building we should make an (optional) exception. Allowing dedicated ship builders to use a singleplayer editor would reduce much of the server strain caused by having to constantly update and validate thousands of constructs real-time. Players would still have the option to make their constructs in the single shard and cooperatively with other players. The only thing adding an editor would do is provide a less server resource intensive outlet for ship designers to work privately. This doesn't have to be a black or white solution either, DU could adjust the editor's features to include only what they think should be included.


In summary, I believe reducing the cost of operating servers (thus potentially reducing the cost of the game, increasing potential players!!) should take priority over forcing every single person everywhere into the single shard, even when what they are doing has no impact on immediate state of the universe. Reduces the server strain and operational costs, improving stability, bringing more players to the universe, balancing out those that are temporarily in a singleplayer experience.


Thanks for reading.

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