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#help-troubleshooting Suggestion


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In these troubled days, there appears to be so many problems occurring that the discords #help-troubleshooting channel is quite literally a mess. Everyone's problems and issues getting dropped all up and together in a huge steaming pile. NQ staff have a hard enough time of it I am sure and they have my respect for trying to keep up with the chat, but to most people it simply looks like nothing is happening since replies are often very far from the questions posted, if answered at all.



I would like to make the suggestion of splitting up #help-troubleshooting into four separate channels:


1️⃣ Teleportation Requests.


2️⃣ In Game Problems.


3️⃣ Login / Account Problems.


4️⃣ All of my Problems. ?


I realise that ultimately this probably would not speed up the process much more than its running at now, but it would look a LOT more organised and just a whole lot less messy.


Ok, is not strictly speaking necessary, but I thought I might try and slip it in on the offchance.

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