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Structural Integrity and Damage scanner

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Will there be structural integrity?


Having to think about what resources you will need for your builds and the strengths and weaknesses. When building Cities/homes/bases/Mines etc. Will our building objects have weight,strength or other limitations? Will the strength of the materials we use to build be a factor in how high we can stack or for example how far out we can have an overhang unsupported by a beam?


If we do have integrity to our builds, Will we be able to visually see integrity weaknesses? Maybe with a tool?



Structural Damage Scanner Tool / Repair


A tool used to visually see damaged parts of our builds would be amazing! Also will we have to repair blocks/elements on our builds? If so a visual indicator like a Damage scanner would come in handy indeed.

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Mostly it will probaly start as air going out of a space ship when suddenly someone blows a hole in it. With steel however you can build skyscrapers without worry. So I dont thing it would be a problem.

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