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Add a runway to the market hubs

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So the idea is simple. Add a runway to the market hubs.



1. Easier to land then on a parking lot littered with a combination of ships, players, player ads, a large ad sign, random constructs, dark spots, light poles, other ships trying to land, and a tower that doesn't like you near it to boot.

2. I am sure I am not alone that some ships are built more as a jets and less as a hover crafts so landing gets dicey at the market hubs

3. A runway could also provide a format for players to have a role in directing traffic and such 

4. Oh yea...It would be pretty cool addition to the game

5. There is ample space...why not?


Now i have no idea how you would deal with people clogging up the runways but ....I'm just the idea man here. 

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I agree Killzu, a good idea and I think easy to add on a single runway at the side of the main dispersals. There were a few market districts with very little room available in the last 2 weeks and if the game attracts significant numbers of new players (which NQ hope to achieve) at the Beta launch the problems could get worse. Any ships that stay on the runway and do not clear it should be bulldozed off the side by a robotic bulldozer after 30 mins :D

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