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Questions from a potential pledger

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Hi all,


I've been looking into the game a bit after some youtube vids dropping in my suggestions and i'm interested into pledging in the game.

On the site itself it says the alpha 3 phase will be done today. So i was wondering if or when there will be a next alpha test phase?

Is it on a weekly base? Also, between test phases, does it wipe all your stuff? Or can you continue where you left off?

In the Roadmap I also saw Beta will be 24/7 open and start this summer. Any dates known for this?


Thanks in advance!

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Alpha = x3 96Hrs per month Thurs-Sun. The last week is reserved for dev work so no test session.


this is the live server TESTING cycle during Alpha 3 (increase from Alpha 2).


However one of these slots or more will not happen when the game is switching to Beta as another dev slot takes it's place.


Beta is scheduled ETA "Summer" probably nearer "End of Summer". That too is just an Estimate and could delay.


The intention is to have 24/7 Live server access at Beta (except when devs decide they need to take the server offline for work whenever that is). Again that is an intention to go with the above estimate only.


Finally a wipe will happen before Beta and probably already has, At Beta and although it's not planned to wipe during Beta it would seem a distinct possibility as well in which case the world state is reset and/or changed eg New Planets in the latest wipe for Beta (that is a big change). All physical changes are lost by players. They keep their blueprints of all their designs however is the exception.




External to your questions: I'd personaly recommend most interested players to wait for Beta when they have full information access, optimizations, server access increase in uptime, more polished newbie tutorials, more game play features in functional state.


Of course if you enjoy testing, pledging and learning the voxel stuff and accruing designs then the choice is different.

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Thank you all for the feedback.

I am interested in actually testing and trying out the voxel modelling. Also the lua scriping sounds like fun (as i am a programmer myself).

But i will wait untill they announce the next alpha testing phase or beta.

No point in pledging now if I have to wait weeks or even months before i can actually test it out :)

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