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No access on Alpha Section of the forum

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As my question in "The Arkship Pub" remains unanswered, I'm re-posting the question here, maybe it's more visible.

I'm trying since approx one week, without luck, to get access to the Alpha Section of the forum. :(

I'm backer - Patron, played the game, have access on Discord's NDA channels, yet forum section still unreachable.

I've sent email to support, asked in the support channel from Discord and I have a 7 days old ticket on the same topic.

I don't know what else I can do. Help?¬†ūüôŹ

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2 hours ago, Silentkills said:

have you tried logging out and back in? thats what i had to do to see nda forum posts.

Yep. Tried it (also disconnected all devices), multiple times, didn't worked .


31 minutes ago, NQ-Naerais said:

Please open a support ticket here so we can try figure out why you don't have access :)  support@novaquark.com  

Done also this. I have a ticket opened 7 days ago ( #17026) and email sent to support@novaquark.com on Friday afternoon.


Told you. I've done everything I could find & think of. :) 

My profile says " Member". I assume it should be "Alpha Tester" or similar.

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