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Good day my fellow space faring compatriots.


My name is Xavier or WarDaddy. I'm 22  and work two jobs to stay alive. Obviously i like long walks on the beach, video games, and a weird obsession with the endless expanding void that surrounds our world. ANYYYYway...


Just wanted to post something in regard to the game, and to see if anyone else sort of shares the same vision. I want this game to be more than me flying around alone, dying from literally anything including myself. I only say this, in frustration, because my experience with space MMO's has not been good. Honestly its been nothing but waiting (Star Citizen), trying to master astrophysics and thousands of crafting items only to build a ship and be turned into mist (Space Engineers), or just being plain lied to (No Mans Sky). I want a sense of community, to build something with a huge group of people and make it work. To have this big group provide a safe haven for recruited new players, and to give these players a chance to move through the ranks and make a name for themselves. it's not much, but something where players have to be dedicated to making this game world feel so real, to make memories in, to have fun, and make new friends.


That's what i want out of this game. If anyone feels the same way or is actually building something similar. LET ME KNOW!image_27daaa2f-acec-4ccd-8a02-c27f2572a2

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