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Commendation/Decoration Medals

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An idea that I would think would be great fun is to copy from Eve is the Decorations system.  It is a completely for-fun system whereas an Organization can bestow a medal of commendation to a player for whatever reason.  Medals are designed by the Org leaders with a name, design and description.  These commendations would show up on a player's information screen somehow, and could be removed by the player if they choose to.  These medals could be given by Legates of an Org for any reason they could come up with, with ideas like:


  • Org participation and/or Contribution
  • Reaching a milestone (PvP kills, Constructs Produced, Hauling Jobs completed)
  • Taking part in a major battle/event
  • Making a huge mistake and laughing about it (crashing a huge spaceship, setting RDMS wrong and stuff getting stolen)
  • Leaving the Org on good terms

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a few minutes ago i thought about this, like player created achievements...


  • reward people who finished a epic player generated quest line

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