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[EN/GER] Zellcore Corporation

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Zellcore is looking for Star Wars fans to join!
We build Star Wars inspired fan art ships.


We design and provide Star Wars inspired ships to both sides, the good and to bad guys.
We offer all types of ships, such as speeder-bikes, fighters, L core ships, and everything in-between.
Our goal is to fill the world with Star Wars ships and fans.


If you want to join and work for Zellcore, you are very welcome. Zellcore is not a nation and is not political aligned. It is industrial corporation with shipyards, mining divisions and own armed fleet, presented on different planets. But nobody (except NQ) did ever found our HQ yet. ;)


At moment we offer some vacant jobs:
- miners
- pilots
- guners
- designers
- scripters


Join Zellcore Sub divisions
Zellcore HQ
Zellcore Shipyard
Zellcore Mining Corp
Zellcore Fleet
Zellcore Black Troopers



For details please contact Elias24#1785.


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Near Market 7  in the sea just a bit north of it. Now trekkies have to see SW constructs and SW fans have to see Trek constructs generating much anger on both sides.

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