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Hello, everybody,


I just wanted to throw in some ideas that would be interesting extensions for prefabricated objects. 


I don't know if these points have already been suggested. If they have already been discussed, please just ignore this thread.


1) Collapsible wings. These wings could work exactly like flaps. Such constructs can be seen in countless sci-fi movies, games or other media. So it would be a pity if we didn't have this possibility of retractable or collapsible wings.


2) A hovercraft seat similar to that of a motorcycle. Hovercraft bikes could also be designed and built in this way.

2.B) To match this, hovercraft engines with a rectangular or oval shape would be more practical to create aerodynamic designs. Suitable hovers that can also maneuver quickly through forest areas will then appear on the screen.


3) Holographic replicas projecting true color images. So camouflage devices can be built in which, for example, a spaceship can project an image of an asteroid around itself. This could work similar to the basic holoprojectors. 


Otherwise I would like to mention a thought of MilanF666 again:

4) Rotational joints that make it possible to move other parts. Here I don't know if it's technically possible to rotate or move voxels within a frame independently of each other. 

These are just a few ideas and I would like to hear them (and even more if they are implemented in the game). 

Otherwise I'd like to thank you and praise all the development teams for their great job. A great idea and progressively grandiose implementation of this. 


Best regards,

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Having "moving parts" is something I an definitely against and NQ have also said they will not implement. If you ever played Space Engineers you'll know of the massive issues that arise. Sometimes I'd spend hours building a rig with loads of moving parts like lifts & drills on pistons etc. and as soon as I get in the cockpit there is a nuclear explosion and it's all gone haha


However, there are some ideas here which could work. Because we do have a simple form of moving object, such as the landing gears and doors, I don't see why a couple more moving parts could be implemented like flaps and collapsible wings. The only way they would work is if you cannot place more elements on top of them. Moving objects much be standalone. For this reason, rotating joins and hinges are pretty much out of the question. 


I do like the idea of a hovercraft seat which looks like a motorcycle seat! I give this +1 

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