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DUGS is a scientific organisation aimed at providing in-depth geological and geophysical survey information for the purpose of exploration, mapping & mining. 

Using state of the art technology to gather data from around the solar system, DUGS aims to collaborate with government, organisations & individuals to build a comprehensive map of the planets including archaeological finds, hazards & mining prospects.



DUGS is an open society for those who have a keen interest in geosciences. Data gathered will be open source and available for all to access. Some ambitions within the society are to collaborate mapping data to build a more comprehensive picture of the universe we live in. Compiling data from territory scans to monitor the degradation of ores across a planet, highlighting areas of hazard and documenting archaeological interests. No specifications required to join the society, although a strong scientific mind-frame is advised. Apply below:



DUGS is funded through a parent organisation, NovaX, who specialize in the manufacturing and production of geophysical survey equipment. Also owners of two high-tech survey vehicles; the Trifecta & the Ikarus - both equipped with a tri-territory scanner system, able to gather data from multiple tiles simultaneously.  If you'd like to join the geophysical equipment production team, feel free to apply to become an X at NovaX's community page below:


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This looks pretty cool! I hear there are several ancient artifacts around the solar system, would be cool to know where they are and to help with future mysteries. :D

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