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Objective Driveyards Wants you!

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Objective Driveyards

Objective Driveyards is a corporate state organisation that seeks to make ships with an edge against the competition. we offer a friendly working environment with a great team and good mateship and a bit of friendly banter. We are currently seeking new members for general application in one of our 3 branches

Objective Industries is responsible for mineral extraction, logistics, manufacturing and business

Objective Dynamics is responsible for research, design, systems and exploration.

Objective Navy is responsible for force command, recon, support and strike capabilities.

We welcome all applicants for all 3 branches, as there are a variety of specific jobs available. More info is available in our discord https://discord.gg/T3wsMUm or PM Ravenhawkhero#4839 (head of outreach) for more info


Objective Driveyards

Driven By Design

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