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Temporary boosts for logging out in beds.

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I think having the option to logout while your in a bed element, to get temporary stat boosts when you log back in would be a good idea. A bed should only allow 1 player to logout in it at a time, so you would need more beds for multiple players. The mechanic around it would be a slowly building stat boost, until a set maximum, say 24 hours. The boost itself could range from movement speed, mining speed, crafting speed, or maybe something else. It could be something like a .5% boost per hour, for a max of 12%, that will also start falling back to nothing when you are logged back in and playing.


It would encourage having the infrastructure (a place to sleep) in place, wherever you're going to be spending a lot of time, whether onboard your exploratory or transport ship, or underground mining for hours. It could also be another service space stations/markets/other public places could provide. Having an inn service, where you pay for access to a bed to logout in.


This shouldn't be required at all. I think it would really hurt the experience if this was required, but just having it as an optional way to make some small amount of use out of the time when your not playing would add to the experience. It would also help those that aren't able to play as often a bit, by letting you get a little more done when you are able to play. It should be a small boost, where you'd still get much less done this way, than if you instead spent the time you were going to be logged out, in-game.

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Beds are actually creations to create insulation using air from the ground (below) so heat is retained in the mattress and does not leach into the ground (wooden legs are usually poor conductors or even tiny little wheels supporting the large empty casing with struts to support the body. This conserves heat in the mattress/duvet around the human body. If you have a mattress or floor futon directly on the ground (unless there's further insulation (tatami mat or such like) you may notice condensation of water on the reverse side underneath the mattress where the heat meets the cold to compare?


So although the idea above is a "nice to have", it's also very granular in detail and probably too much effort for the size of the feature and the addition to gameplay at this point in time until post-release. Secondly as above if there's a sense of RP-immersion then a bed is an antiquated device for the universe of DU. Some sort of pod/capsule is a better idea to represent logging off safely or your body put into cold storage or whatever insulation is the way of the future (cell regeneration technology) while being transferred in a ship. Messing around with food and drink or sleep buffs sounds like a pain in the ass too.


In fact if you EXTEND THIS IDEA, then these PODS might end up making a lucrative ferry service: While people are logged off in a pod device (whatever shape or size that may be: Probably a modified container), then people could request being ferried across distances by OTHER PLAYERS so when they log back in, they've somewhere else they want to be and they did not have to do any of the boring or expensive travel themselves ?? If they wake up on board, they might find a suite of leisure games to play and socialize with other fellow passengers, thus creating a nice ferry business for some player or org or other?

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