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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

8:38 AM


   My name is Insolublenirate or (ISO), i am the founder of Outpost Obsidian. I have a dream of building one of the most powerful black market trading ports located far from the Ark located close to the rare resources. I am building a team to provide Novean outlaws, mercs, bandits, nomads, bounty hunters etc a common trading/gambling club similar to Continental Hotel from John Wick. I will run a private Discord where I will be managing communications and accountments. This is a private Organization with main business agreements, I will have only limited members as this is a black market/outlaws place of business. I will be adding tons of fun content after initial creation, some ideas in the works are a gladiator battle area where the outpost will provide resources to build your own blueprints then enter a gladiator faceoff against a rival org/ pirate group. This will have gambling and the winner will receive rare items and special BP's to showoff around the universe. My interest in the ____ is to build initial agreement with your org management as this will be a place where no business will be conducted on the grounds. My goal is to organize an understanding with the galaxies outlaws and provide rare resources, rare BP's, tons of trading options, a maintained hitlist with bounties to be paid out, and much more. This of course will take me some time to establish after initial release and I will release coordinates once established. My hopes are that your org would be interested in the activities and are willing to grant me and my outpost permission to run business unharmed, also I will need a pool of outlaws to work with to carry out bounties and dirty work. I promise this will be worth your efforts and will create a fun diversity to our galaxy.





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