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Better Resource Gathering


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Excuse me if a topic like this has popper up before.


So the Nanoformer will be our lifeline, mining and harvesting resources we need. What I want to know is how modular it will or should be? I'm hoping we can upgrade our tool in a myriad of different ways to get the best set up and mine our resources the fastest.


Another idea is other tools. For example you have Starbound, and the Matter Manipulator which is what seems to be a lot like the Nanoformer. But Starbound also had the different tools (picks, axes, and the like) that were straight upgrades to the MM but had durability.


Do you want to see something like this in DU? Or would you prefer just the Nanoformer.

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Having played Landmark, I much prefer the multi-tool of No Man's Sky over the picks and axes of landmark.

I also love the way we upgrade devices in No Man's Sky - crafting and adding different components to fine-tune for specific tasks. (Synergy bonuses are also great!)

Coordinating that with specific elements and skills would be awesome.

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