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New Genesis Log Archives: Specialist Rank 1 Breadwin

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NGSC Exploratory Fleet: 1st Expedition.
Retention-Class Research ship Universal.
Ship’s Log:
Specialist Rank 1 Breadwin, 2nd Officer.
1st log.

This is Specialist Rank 1 Breadwin of the Research ship Universal. Yesterday, in a Type-Ia Nebula during a rather routine scanning mission, our escort ship Eternal, a Vengeance-Class Corvette, went down. We don’t know what happened yet. One minute it was there, the next...
Gone. Like a puff of smoke.
Nebulae are huge. They could be anywhere. They have enough equipment and materials for the Life Support systems to run for another month or so - we take steps, you know - but I don’t know if that’ll help. Just before their transponder signal was lost and they disappeared, something came up on our sensor readings. Some kind of space-time anomaly. They could be anywhere, anywhen. They could be smashed to pulp on the side of an asteroid. They could be *inside* an asteroid. Or they could be in neutral territory, docked at a friendly station, wondering what the [redacted] just happened. They could be in another [redacted] galaxy for all we know. Space can be [redacted] scary, to tell the truth. I... Excuse my language, but I’m in shock at the moment.
I’ll make another log as soon as we find something.
Specialist Rank 1 Breadwin signing off.
<<End Log>>

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