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Foundation of the Ancestral Flame (Recruiting)

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We are the Foundation of the Ancestral Flame (FAF)
The FAF is a casual organization for people that dont like large organizations but believe in the power of the Flame.

We are semi-spiritualists because we believe in the ,,Ancestral Flame", the flame that created the universe. 
Roleplay is welcome and our focus is mostly gonna be trading early game so we can establish a ground for our followers to spread into the Universe. 
The FAF is a neutral organization and will be open for all kinds of people.
Atleast most of them. We don't really want people that constantly want to kill or rob other people or cause trouble within the organization, we Follow the Flame, wherever it takes us
And we welcome anyone that thinks the same way we do.

If you want to join just send an application or hop on our discord: https://discord.gg/xXC7gcJ and we'll have a talk and maybe we think the same way.




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