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Eden Republic Archives (Lore)

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1876 - The United Edonian Federation is founded on Edonia

2025 - Edonia starts monitoring the neutron star heading to Earth

2223 - The Epsilon Wars start

2231 - The Epsilon Wars end, leaving a death tol of 70,000,000 Edonians in its wake

2250 - All historical archives from this point until 2490 are lost

2490 - The Endgame War starts 2493 - Edonia starts to lose systems

2496 - Edonia is destroyed by a Shadow Superweapon and an evacuation fleet evacuates as many Edonians as possible, leaving 12.8 Billion dead

2497 - The fleet arrives at Earth

2505 - Many of the Edonian survivors are picked to travel on the Novark

12477 - The first Edonians step off the Novark


Flag of the United Edonian Federation                           Flag of the Eden Republic


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