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Carriers, ship ownership limits, and storage methods


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My first thought when I heard about the way they intend the single shard system to work with ship building and player density was "Well what happens if one person builds like 500 tiny ships and puts them in the same valley, free to tumble around and take up valuable server resources?" Another thing I realized once I had heard more about the way they intended the PvP system to work was that people could probably dock other "ships" to them that would function as extra fuel tanks, more armor, or even a shield if done correctly with dozens of tiny "ships" being flung towards an enemy to block line of sight. For these reasons, and more, I believe that there should be a limit to how many dynamic constructs a person can have operational at any time, based on a skill system. Not doing this would allow people to easily lag the server with hundreds of small ships bumping into things, and could also create some interesting but likely laggy pvp strategies. Perhaps a person could simply "deactivate" a ship they weren't using by turning it into a static construct, which is not subject to physics on the same level. But this also brings up something else, which is how far NQ will go with implementing carriers. Obviously if that is something feasible (it could already be in the game, I have no idea) they would want to do it, but what exactly would be able to be shared across 2 connected ships? I think that should be limited to fuel, storage, and whatever power system is added/is in the game. Allowing for a script on the mothership to control features on a docked ship would definitely be too far imo, but what do you guys think?

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So here are a few points:

  • If a player build 500 ships, and put them in a valley, they would not tumble around. They would just sit there and do nothing like static voxels, until activated by a player.
  • Players can only control/ operate 1 dynamic construct at a time. So Players cannot control multiple ships/ constructs at a time, only one at a time.
  • Elements like Fuel Tanks, only operate for the core unit they are attached too. you can not use a fuel tank from another ship, it has to be attached to that core unit.
  • If a carrier wants to use fuel from a small ship thats docked, you have to:

                    A. manually drain the fuel into you're inventory, then manually transfer it to the carrier fuel tank, or

                    B. remove the fuel take from the fighter core unit, then attach the fuel tank to the carrier core unit, then manually link it up to get access to the fuel.

  • having small ships docked to a carrier, does not give the carrier more armor/shields. They are treated as separate ships, separate systems.


     Hope that address some of you're concerns. So, basically if you see dozens of small fighter ships coming at you, then they are being piloted by dozens of actual players. To you're other concern about the lag, Novaquark have build a system that allow the handling and rendering of huge voxel cities, as well as 1000s of players, and so far Novaquark has said they haven't run into any major problems, and things are working as expected.

     In an article on MassivelyOP, linked below, JC also mentions that they have put systems in place to prevent players from creating intentional server bottle necks, or lag zones.





Hope that helps, and welcome to the community :)

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