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I can't seem to find an answer to, can we build with gravity generators on a planet, the thing I am looking to do is use gravity generators to hold ship construction bays on the side of a mine shaft vertically, I just can't seem to find an answer to this just yet.  Could anyone help me with this?

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How gravity generator work ? Here is how it is working:


you can read more about it here: 


New Interactive Elements: Antigrav Generators (Beyond r0.10)

There is one final use case that has yet been covered and one that we would like to discuss. Suppose that you would like to build a sizable space ship that would have to hover in the atmosphere; floating around for logistic or strategic support. It’s too large to reach high speed or be sustained by wings . It’s too heavy to be lifted by Atmospheric Engines and it would be too costly to use Rocket Boosters. What can we do? Welcome the new Antigrav Generators!

The principle is that these Antigrav Generators will create a distortion in the gravity field to allow a very large ship to stabilize around a zero-g altitude. This altitude can be set by the player, but cannot go below 1000m. So, you can still land with a large ship, but you need some rocket boosters to lift it up at least over 1000m to be able to then activate the Antigrav Generator.

Because of the way the anti-gravity field works, the construct is attracted and ultimately stabilized to the stabilization altitude. Note that if your speed downward is too high, you might break past the stabilization point and keep falling, so the Antigrav Generator has to be operated gently.

Antigrav Generators come in three flavors: small, medium, and large. Each flavor is usable only with a dedicated construct size. Small generators work with 64m core units, medium with 128m cores, and large on the future 256m core. You cannot deploy an anti-g on a 32m or below ship; this is strictly for large structures.

The Antigrav Generator by itself does nothing. It produces anti-graviton particles that need to be channeled into what we call “Pulsors” in order to be effective. You will need to link the Antigrav Generator with Antigrav Pulsors to increase its power. Small Antigrav Generators need at least 4 Pulsors to function and can connect upward of 6 Pulsors. Medium Antigrav Generators can use 12 Pulsors, and large ones, 24 Pulsors. Losing pulsors will lower the intensity of the anti-gravity field distortion. Should the number of active pulsors drop below the max number divided by two (so, 3 for small, 6 for medium and 12 for large), then your ship is going to slowly descend. Once the combat gameplay is implemented, we suspect that anti-g pulsors will become serious targets of choice!

Note that Antigravity Generators are not engines and can be used to keep any payload airborne.

The Antigrav Generator is automatically plugged into your control unit by the autoconf system. You will see it as a new widget and can activate/deactivate it using Ctrl-G or link it to a switch to activate it manually in-game. The widget will show you the anti-g power you currently have (up to 120% if you have all the pulsors linked), the local gravity, and the stabilization altitude. When you press Ctrl-G, the stab altitude is automatically reset to the current altitude. You will notice however that it does not change instantly, but with a maximum rate of 4m/s. So if you need a faster climb, just activate your boosters!

For the time being in Pre-Alpha, Antigrav Generators will not consume anything, so they are free to use. In the final game they will consume electricity. It should be reasonably affordable so that you can stay in anti-gravity fields for a few hours at a time, but not so inexpensive that having a permanently flying fortress is something you’ll see on a daily basis.

Currently in Pre-Alpha, when you quit the game while piloting a ship, it freezes that ship in the air. When you log back in, the ship is immobile because it has not been loaded properly). This will change in the final game and there won’t be an easy way to maintain a construct in the air. Antigrav Generators will be absolutely necessary.


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