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[To delete] Mist is everyone. Mist is everywhere. Watch your back.

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Good day to you, fellow Noveans. My name's Whisper.

Are you someone who do not mind betraying his brothers for a big pack of money ?

Well, the Mist is for you.


The Mist is a ghost organisation, selling services of Mist undercover agents to empires and societies.


By joining us, you'll be anonymous. Nobody, even the Mist itself will know your real identity.

By joining us, you'll become a Mist agent. You'll sometime receive mission order, and be paid once your task is done.

By joining us, you should be aware that your privacy can't be protected by something else than your own discretion.


To become a Mist agent, just send a mail to MistContact@protonmail.com with nothing but three words : [Agent] [the name you wish to be called as Mist agent] [your actual organisation (type "none" if you're not in any)]

We strongly recommend to Mist agents to create a new email address, as well as not using their DU names or any names they had in the past.


To buy Mist service, just send a mail to MistContact@protonmail.com with a quick summary of what you want from us.

Mist client's privacy is highly protected and will never be revealed.


We're everywhere. We're everyone. We're the Mist. Watch your back.

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