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Volant Transtellar. An Invitation to Rise.

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A Firm Foundation

Empires. Armies. Nations. The ambition of the Novean population leads them to lofty goals. But from the moment they're awakened from cryosleep, those goals will be as distant as the stars they've just traversed.


Volant Transtellar approaches this new world with the humility of our situation in mind. As a company, and as a wider populace. Our immediate goal is to provide the foundations of Novean society. Resources, infrastructure, training. Before mighty vessels can ply the spacelanes, trucks and buses must ply the roads. Simple aircraft must deliver citizens to their duties. A strong economy must begin at the bottom before it can rise.


A Vanguard to Dreams

VTI needs you. It needs your drive, your creativity, and your spirit as a builder. Before the lofty dreams of a new world can grow the simple work of sowing its fields must be done. VTI has no aim to be at the forefront of armies, or atop the halls of power. VTI, and you with us, will be the pavement on every street, the wings of every flight, the strength of every tool and the comfort of every home.


Where other organizations strive always to be at the top, VTI strives always to be at the bottom. The underpinning that holds aloft the dreams of our peers.


Angled Ever Upward

If you are an individual with a need to build, and a passion to hold aloft your fellows, then Volant needs you. Whatever experience you bring will be welcomed with open arms. If you bring nothing with you but the spark of a creator, Volant is here to give you the tools and understanding you need to succeed.


If you're the leader of an extant Organization, Volant can use you as well. We are always on the lookout for new leaders and new potential. Your Org could be welcome into ours, and retain much of your autonomy and flexibility as we strive towards our common goal. We're also always on the lookout for subsidiaries to aid our endeavors.


Volant Transtellar.

Rise with us, wings outspread.

And lift the world behind.

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I like where this is headed, and you're right by the time the game releases and we're playing our ambitions will change dramatically. Good luck. 

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I much appreciate the well-wishes. I hope I can live up to my outline as the game gets done and the org continues to (hopefully) grow.


On that note, I'd like to lay out precisely what is is were' seeking from who here:


New Players:

Volant is dedicated to helping new players learn the game, and to giving them productive things to do in the process. If you're looking for support and hands-on, no-pressure training, we're here to get you up to speed.


Old Players:

We're always on the lookout for talent in a number of fields. Primarily in mining, logistics, industrial applications and related fields. As well, we're eager to recieve positive individuals able and willing to pass on their skills and knowledge to other players.


Org Leaders:

Any business needs business partners, and VTI is no exception. We're willing to discuss potential deals with any other org. Additionally, if your org is small and in need of support, Volant is willing to act as an umbrella, either through direct in-merges or subsidiary incorporation.

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