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Maintenance Cost/Service Life

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The idea that im proposing here is that elements have a chance of breaking down the more they get used. So, every (arbitrary time) the machine gets used the chance of the machine stopping to function increases by a very small amount, but over time, the machine would become very unreliable, and it takes people with skills requirw to create the element to fix. Some benefits of this system would be: 


Nerfed automation: Due to parts breaking down, you cant just leave your fully automated factory alone 24/7 and "self contained" systems that tries to do everything will need large amounts of skilled personal to maintain. This allows expanded programming/automation capablities without disruption of balance. (And yes, I want to make Skynet, CaptainTwerkMotor)


Jobs: Spacecraft mechanics!


Logistics: Militaries and companies will need logistics trains to maintain their equipment. With logistics comes a entirely new aspect of operations. This also can be used as a substitute to survival mechanics. "Amateurs talk about tactics, professionals talk about logistics." 








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