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Quantum Force Knights is looking for new elite members

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Hey everyone, Quantum Force Knights would love to offer the community an opportunity to join us as we draw closer to planet fall where we will bring hope and a future to the citizens of the Novark. We are seeking elite players to join with us. We have training programs for those of you who wish to hone your skills and advancement opportunities. Currently we have sever ship designs for members as well. 

Join us on our community page and show your support there by growing our numbers:

Join in discussions on our discord where we talk about all aspects of the game and the organization. 

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We recently just had our first round of recruits who were promoted. If anyone is seeking an organization where your ideas, opinions, and actions are rewarded, and where you earn your rank instead of other, less qualified persons in the positions you want, then you should check us out. We are a great community and are still seeking others who want to grow, learn, and be part of something great. 

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