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Cities and their purpose

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When i saw the game trailer, i got pretty excited for the city that is seen in the end, but then i started thinking, why would anyone actually build something like that? If a player wants a base in a planet, he could have used all those resources on one big, easy to defend bunker. 


But then i also started thinking, maybe they could produce money? It would be hard to balance, but it would add in my opinion a lot more strategy to the game. The planets that are fertile and have a breathable atmosphere would be much more contested, if cities took a lot of resources and time to build, they would of course be fought over.


To prevent snowballing, the cities should produce very little in the way of money, and by that i mean something like 0.01 credits/building in 10h. And for balance and realism, they could require stuff like food, clean water, etc, etc... But also, the solar systems near the starting spawn are going to get mined dry. It might take some time, but it will happen. If the planets had cities that took ALOT of effort and material to build, and they provided a stable income, then the center, even dry of resources would be a center of warring factions trying to get their hands on the stable income.


TLDR: cities could produce money, but require correct types of planets, they could require resources and keep areas that are mined dry of resources relevant through the game.



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