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About politic in DualUniverse

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I wanted to talk about politic systems in DualUniverse 'cause it will be, I think, the most important thing (with economy of course) in DualUniverse.

More precisely, I wanted to give some ideas about the ways the politic systems could work, like democracy or tyranny.

-I begin with the concept of a "Room of debates".

To explain, it's a room where the leaders of the organisations, or politicians, ministers, army comenders could debate about political decisions, maneuvers, management. I see that like a semicircle where all of the players could talk freely but with order.

To have this order, I imagine a system of lecterns and conference manager : all the players will be next to their lecterns and will not be allowed to talk in the game unless the conference manager alows a player to talk.

Like that, other players will be obligated to listen the one talking.

To me, the conference manager must be neutral and try to give the floor to everyone. In the end, there is an "event" wherein the members of the conference vote for the decision.

This event is started, again, by the conference manager.

This requires an in-game voice chanel, like that, there could be a system of whispers wherein you could exchange opinions with other player but without the other players hearing you.

It could be interesting to influence the debates for example.

Well thank you for reading ! I apologise if I made spelling mistakes (I'm not englih-speaking by the way) !:D:DB)

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Français :

Le système des Organisations dans DU est extrêmement simple et souple mais pleins de possibilité. Toute les forme politique sont possible, de la dictature absolue à la total démocratie.

Tous le reste n'est qu'une question d’organisation interne, de comment et quesque l'on veux faire.

DU est un authentique bac à sable (très grand, le bac), avec des sables plus ou moins intéressant. Novaquark se limite juste a le faire le plus grand possible et a nous fournir un maximum d'outil


Un article sur le fonctionnement des Org dans DU
Un autre article sur la gestion des droit dans une Org


Pour revenir a cette idée de in-game voice chanel, la question a déja etait soulevai (je ne sais plus où) et il n'y a eu aucune réponse de Novaquark.
En attendent, Discord est un excellent logiciel qui remplit parfaitement cette fonction (beaucoup d'Org en ont un).
Mais si il devait en faire un in-game voice chanel, ce sera comme tous le reste, simple et souple mais pleins de possibilité, que chaqu'un pourra personnalisé en fonction de ses besoin.


Et si vous voulais faire un systéme de table ronde, et bien, vous pouvez le faire.

The Organizations system in DU is extremely simple and flexible but full of possibility. All political forms are possible, from absolute dictatorship to total democracy.

All the rest is only a question of internal organization, of how and what one wants to do.

DU is an authentic sandbox (very big, the box), with sands more or less interesting. Novaquark just wants to do big it as much as possible and provide us with a maximum of tools An article on how Org works in DU


An article on how Org works in DU


Another article on the management of rights in an Org


To return to this idea of in-game chanel voice, the question has already been raised (I do not know where) and there has been no answer from Novaquark.

In expect, Discord is an excellent software that perfectly fulfills this function (a lot of Org have one).

But if he had to make an in-game voice chanel, it will be like all the rest, simple and flexible but full of possibility, that each one can customize according to his needs.


And if you wanted to make a round table system, well, you can do it. (or "you can du it" ; )

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