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Hello space Freaks


Is there any guilds that are collaborating together to create a City/outpost I am not looking to be dragged into a conflict in my roleplay Jobe I.E Shipbuilder. I don't wont to be part of a Military guild that creates's a city/outpost and then demands I must pvp with my own ships. I will pay my due taxes and sell ships to Any player apart from pirate factions


I have tried looking on the organization list for the right Guild but a lot of them Demand PVP role's. I guess I don't mind Self Defence damage to the city/outpost would ruin my Economy as well as others 


I need a Guild that has The following

Team Speak



Mind Set that understands I am RP as citizens and not bound to the faction that built the city/outpost


Comment down below if you are part of one with there organization and links.







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Hi there and welcome,


There's the project Tortuga from BOO. A neutral city where everyone can build and sell their goods. You don't have to be part of us to participate ;)

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Hey and welcome!


There's a few going on around the community in addition to the previously mentioned Tortgua:

  • Project Collective from GLSU - a city (neutral I believe) sponsored by the GLSU alliance. I would go on to their Discord to find out more.
  • Project Emberstone from the Aeonian Federation - also neutral, and sponsored by the AFED alliance.
  • The Terran Union also has their various capital and regional city projects in the works - Neutral, although it is sponsored by a nation and the capital obviously functions as a national capital - I would recommend hopping on to TU's Discord to find out more.

Good luck! I hope to see you around!

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