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Interactive elements: Thoughts and suggestions


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I watched the tutorial for the interactive elements and I have some questions and suggestions for them:

  • Why do you need relays for multiple links? Why can't buttons output more than one link?

  • NOR block: Why can't buttons and other interactive elements get an "invert output/input" option?

  • Logic blocks: It would be very helpful for complex logic set-ups to have one logic block, where you can set up the whole logic inside. Or is this possible with Lua?

  • Counter block: Why not one box with an option (simple value) to set the counter? The current setting with several blocks looks very cumbersome...


  • Is it possible to swap a block without breaking the links?
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This Logic wiring is for very basic usage scenarios where opening a text editor and writing code would be actually less convenient (and more resource intensive).


What you suggest can all be accomplished with dedicated LUA programmable units which can link multiple inputs and outputs, wherein you can use LUA to customize outputs to your hearts content.


Good luck in tomorrow's play-test! Have fun for me, will ya? :)

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