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The Colony of Furries is looking for.... fellow furries!


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What? huh? where are we?.... not sure... seems we are in another galaxy...

We need to find friends... allies... build from the ground up!..


I'm Replic TuaniOne, calling out for fellow furries around the world to help out "the Colony of Furries" to mine and build, to keep connections, etc.

Currently also protected by the Opean Federation :) 


What's the plan?

Well... Pre-Alpha is happening soon, so if you have access to that, that would be awesome, we could be one of the first building up our colony!Make disc

es, design the ultimate ships and stations and lots of other things to come.



Why furries?

See it as another species / race in space, we somehow got here from another galaxy, so we need to work this out right?! and we know we are not alone!



Will there be specific roles?

Yeah, there will be, for now we have:


Builders / Designers (go full creative mode by building your best designs so we (maybe) can sell them on the market!)

Scripters (make the design/build do things!)

Explorers / Miners (discover resources, mine them and discover other things!) <-- later state of game?

Marketing (you sell and buy things, for the benefit of our organization) <-- later state of game?

Researcher (can we make things better?) <-- later state of game?



Alright, sounds fun, but how about "non-furries"?

Well, you'll be able to join, but as most races / species go, it can be a bit difficult to adjust I guess, but if you are having no problems with that, why not!



So, to sum up the plan, what is it for now?

In the Pre-alpha phase it will probably be building for the most part since it will be creative then, we can make different designs, we will be looking for the best and make more versions of that to make it in the future, this way we can make the best for good resources without wasting them :)


Next stage is colonize planets.


What then? who knows, we will cross that road once we are on it!


Want to join now already? please follow this link >>> https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-colony-of-furries


- Be at least 18+

- Once Pre-Alpha starts, be available for at least one day in the week (if you have alpha access that is).

- Be able to join the Discord server (voice is optional but would be fun!).

- In order to be part of the Colony of Furries, you should have joined the org page.

- Be funny! (or... you know... have a laugh sometimes)


Discord server >>> https://discord.gg/8Vxgbvh

We are also looking for Allies!, please join the discord for questions and signup!


Thank you for reading, sorry for any spelling mistakes and maybe see you soon on CoF!



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1 hour ago, Meumera said:

The proud black dragon white-eyed that I am would have loved to join you, but I have already committed myself to another organization.
I wish you good luck ?

Yeah, I was a bit late with this, haha, is the org you are in, furry related as well? maybe an alliance could happen!?!

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No, is not a furry Org, actually juste a french Org "Projet N.O.M.A.D.E"

A alliance, hum, not now (waiting for more about DU) and I can't speak for my Org. But thank, it's noticed ;)

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