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Thor Wotansen

Element customization and tuning

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How I understand the construction process right now is that the basic structure of any vessel or building is going to be voxel based, and the functionality and some of the aesthetics will be defined by the various elements one adds, like engines, cockpits, and pretty lights.  The voxel building gives the builder types incredible creative license and allows us to design awesomely complex structures, but I'm a bit worried that the elements will be the thing that limits some designs.  If, however, elements could be modified and adjusted, we could see some truly unique things.  For instance, the cockpit we see in the trailer; it's a very specific size and shape, and that can limit, to some degree, the look of a ship.  If I could go into the building area and tweak the size and shape and perhaps the number of seats in to cockpit before using it on my craft I would be very happy.  This also might open up a market for custom elements like cockpits and engines that have been optimized to look or preform a certain way. 

As for tuning, things like engines are IRL pretty complex things that require a hell of a lot of engineering and tweaking to get running right.  If there were some relatively simple tuning system that allowed you to maybe replace parts with better ones or overclock certain bits to make one aspect like efficiency better at the expense of thrust or vice versa, it would allow for a greater range of creative options. Similar systems for every active element would make aftermarket tuning or even engine design a career path in the finished game.

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NQ said they want to add cosmetic variations of elements in the future.


Yup. It might not be a feature quite yet at release, but it is planned.

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