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[Alliance Recruitment Open] Cinderfall Syndicate: The Department of Defense

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Welcome to the Cinderfall Syndicate Department of Defense! The Defense Department is looking for the best and brightest to join its ranks in serving and defending the largest alliance in Dual Universe. The Department is simple and efficient, with only two agencies:

Joint Syndicate Defense Force (JSDF): The largest and most heavy-duty agency in the Defense Department. The JSDF has a strict chain of command dedicated to the safety of the Cinderfall Syndicate’s Member Organizations, where only the best will rise to the top.
Special Task Force (STF): This elite group of operatives executes special missions and operations requiring surgical precision and finesse. Cinderfall-only membership required.
Membership with the Cinderfall Syndicate or a Cinderfall Member Organization is required to enlist, along with dedication, skill, and activity. 
1. Please complete a short application form to enlist → https://goo.gl/forms/oNQqzdpelNK6u4Rz1
2. Be sure to join Cinderfall's Discord server and community portal.
3. Contact Halo381 (Chief of Defense) with any questions or concerns!
Let your dreams take flight.

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*creating an alt to infiltrate the deepest corners of Cinderfall intensifies*



Oh hey. I wish you luck on your journey... To be an Utopian society? Maybe a humane dystopian society?

I have no idea.

Anyways, good luck!

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