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Terran Union Armed Forces


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"Are you wondering why you should join us? Join us if you want to be greater than just yourself, don't read about history, make it. If you want to win glory, a place for yourself in the annals of time, we are your best choice. If you want to be the best, join us in our path to greatness, with you by our side were sure to last. If your tired of organisations that dont return your efforts, we will address that. But really, if thats not enough for you, you can join us because you simply want to work with like minded people, those who share your ambition and goals, and that's not even considering our healthy bonus packages. So, Soldier, are you in?"

Terran Union Armed Forces are looking for individuals in several occupations ranging from fighter pilot, gun crew, ship engineer, marine, team leader and more, please don't hesitate to contact the following individuals on discord for more information:



Imperator#2402 - Head of National Space Forces

Zedivann#9604 - Head of Terran Union Military Intelligence

DesertWolves#9261 - Head of National Defense Forces


Come be a part of the largest dedicated military organization in Dual Universe!


Note: requirements to join TUAF are citizenship with the Terran Union(TU) and approval from the Terran Union Military Intelligence director (TUMI).



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Update: We are all live and well, we got bursts of play-sessions together and all is jolly in the chats. And to top that off we've recently gone official with our site dualtuaf.com and we aim to customize it over time and get our soldiers online. You reading this and thinking that a social military life is something for you? Then don't hesitate to join us at https://community.du...on-armed-forces . Remember that we will require you to join TU as well and cope with some other requirements as well. We want to stay in shape of course. 


See you on the field!


//Zamaro de Metus

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