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Upgrading Pledge


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So now that we have the option to upgrade our pledges I have some questions that hopefully will help a lot of people and of course myself.


1) What is the time duration during which we can upgrade our pledges? 


2) Lets say hypothetically we can upgrade our kickstarter pledges till 1st of Jan 2017, where we get the kickstarter rewards, if we upgrade after that will we get the normal rewards instead of the kickstarter rewards?


3) How many upgrades can be done? Can we upgrade from level to level? like first we upgrade from Iron to Bronze to Silver etc?


I am not sure if anybody has asked these questions before so if they did please link the post in the comments section thank you :)

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Hi Aesras ! I hope this answer your questions :)

The Crowdfunding Portal now enable Kickstarter backers to upgrade their pledge!

- If you upgrade your pledge, you will keep your Kickstarter rewards and get those according to your new pledge level.

- If you backed the game with a Boosted Pack on Kickstarter, you won't loose the additional Beta-Keys you had by upgrading your pledge to a superior, non-boosted pack.

- All your rewards will be displayed with the release of the Crowdfunding Portal version 2.0

- Kickstarter Backers will be able to upgrade their pledge until the release of the Crowdfunding Portal version 2.0

- After the release of the Crowdfunding Portal version 2.0, the current packs will be replaced by new packs with a different content and modular add-ons.

- The Crowdfunding Portal 2.0 should be released in a few months. We don't have an exact date to communicate yet, but we will inform the community in advance when we will approach the release date (between two weeks and one month before the release).


Moreover, a significant update of our user database has been made today:


- All the Kickstarter backers who sent their survey form before the 1st December got their info updated on their Dual Universe account (if this one has been created before today).

- If your backer title is displayed on the Community Portal but not on the forum under your character portrait, please sign off from the forum and sign in again. This should update your backer title.


If you have any questions, just let us know! :)


You can read here for more info :D
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