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Hello everyone,


My name is Max, and I'm the leader of VMS, the Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. Our goal is to establish a large independent company which wants to develop the best ship designs in the whole universe. Internally our company is divided in 5 sectors, S.M.A.R.T (Scientific Material Development and Research Team), Mine(n)Craft, Transport and Trading (still looking for a good name) and the 1st Order (our defensive fleet). There are 2 sector managers in each of them, I am the leader of the 5th sector (organisation). Currently we are recruting only in the first 4 sectors. At the moment we are around 10 official members, but slowly we are growing


Our (maybe difficult to reach, depending on the ingame market) long-time goal is to give out the salary of each member with a dual coupon (these things that you can trade in for 30 days of game subscription). We want to reach that goal with usage of many robots and drones, but for many tasks we need real players, so wee need you! If you're interested to join us, do so at https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/vortrex-mining-and-science-inc#tab-description. I hope to see you as a new member soon.


MInerMax, CEO of VMS Inc.




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