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The Machine Outlaw within me.

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Greetings, I am known from The Band of Outlaws as Komplex, here I'm CSSUcommand.


Personally I usually don't identify myself on the Galactic Stage, unless I plan on promoting BOO or simply just because.

My profile resembles from a early 90's cartoon show known as "Bucky O'hare and The Toad Wars." It lasted only one season before it was pulled off the air in 1991 for unknown reasons.


My gameplay is somewhat to remind all users that I'm not to be underestimated when it comes to Interstellar Concepts and that of Consolidation of ExoPlanets.


Most of these weird and unusual ideas I may come up with in game when released is for a typical and most subsequent reasons why it should be practical in most cases.


Enjoy, and see you in the next Alpha Build.

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No need to hide CSSUcommand jump on board the train with the rest of us! :lol:

You should join alpha academy if you are going to be in alpha.  its simply that, a group of people that will be in the alpha. 

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