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Found 5 results

  1. Hi There! Looking for company or a team to join? Look no further! We have a friendly team, looking for new players. We can help you to make your first steps in game and learn the basics. You can join us in discord! or you can PM me in game or here in the forum. If you are interested about our organisation too you can check us HERE! Or you can apply now! Dont hesitate!
  2. Hi, my in-game name is Reg-01. I'm from Queensland, Australia (UTC +10). I started playing DU a few months ago, however I wasn't able to get very far until another player who was playing another game, invited me to join his DU Society (New Genesis). Thanks to the leader of the Society (TMA), within an hour or 2, I had a much better understanding of the basics like which keys to press and in what order. This game has a lot of potential, however in my view it needs some point of difference from similar MMORP Games like Entropia Universe, Empyrion Galactic Survival and Eve Online. These games have a sophisticated and well-developed virtual market place, structure and vehicle building, Player Vs Player and Player Vs Environment. The challenge with these game is for them to continue holding your interest. Once you build a nice base, join a faction/society, get some PvP and PvE ships, and participate in raids and dog fights, what do you do next? So I hope NQ and dedicated players can find ways to challenge the mind of the players with less experience, whilst maintaining a fair, equitable and non-bullying environment. I also fervently hope they will discourage 'Pirates' from playing or being a part of their Society. I'm usually up for a chat online or preferably Discord (New Genesis channel) or one of the other games mentioned above (similar in-game name). All the best. C U there!
  3. Girl from Scandinavia, EU. I am new but learning quickly. So far I like mining and I have been able to build a ship that went up to 3 kilometers. Then it crashed.😁 I am not good in fighting, so I rather enjoy peace time and safety.
  4. HI, new to Dual Universe, so, a bit lost and this is all a bit overwhelming. I love Minecraft, No Man's Sky, and have played around in Empyrium Galactic Survival, and way too much Elite Dangerous, so, this game seems like a natural evolution. Some of those games, I missed the early stages of development, so, to catch this so early is sorta cool. Not sure how I want to play DU yet, the industry stuff sounded interesting, so, I might try my hand at that, or mining or exploring, I just started today, so, still getting my DU space legs. (i.e. still looking at the "This Side Up" labels.) Anyway, I am likely going to look for a player group to join, I noticed a lot of them. I am more a PvE type of person, but I am willing to lend a hand once I learn the ropes. Once I figure things out, I will want to learn Lua, because that sounds interesting to be able to code these creations. I've done similar stuff in Second Life with Mono, but that game had to many limitations to get things to do what I wanted. I did build a cool 'auto-docking' platform, so, there was that. It detected when you got close, activated landing lights, opened the bay doors, then, after you landed, turned on the internal lighting, closed the bay doors, and deactivated the security system and lowered the lift to the upper levels. So, I am really interested in what I can do here. So, once I learn Lua, and this game's variant of it, I am hoping to be of value to a group. Anyway, I guess that's enough for now to get started, so, Hello Dual Universe!
  5. Hello New Friends! I look forward to playing Dual Universe. I've researched the upcoming MMOs and this is the best fit for me. I like science fiction and I'm not a fan of fantasy, but most MMOs are obviously fantasy. This one is not and I appreciate that. I like making my own content, building things of my own in the world. I played Wildstar for a while and they had the best housing system. Sadly, Wildstar gave up the ghost. I hope Dual Universe with their customization worlds will fill up my housing itch for me. Please pop in and say hi. :)
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