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Alpha 1

Found 4 results

  1. SonEasterZombie

    Modular Weaponry

    Rather than cutting weapons up into several different ranges, classes, speeds, etc, I think it would be smarter (and allow for much more customization) if guns were put into a couple simple groups (Size of the base: anywhere from .25 meters to 100+ meters) as well as classifying the type of weapon they are (Spinal, Turret) plus maybe some damage types like kinetic, energy, or whatever. Everything else like range, speed, accuracy, tracking, and all the other stats that a gun should have can be controlled by modules, similar to the weapon system in From the Depths. Want a more accurate gun? Add a longer barrel. better tracking? Increase the power to the turret rotor system. This would even allow for an actual "Death Star" type ship in the game if a ton of people were crazy enough to assemble a massive ship with the majority of the interior dedicated to powerups for the one gun. On a smaller scale, it could also allow for ships to wildly customize their arsenal, like having a main gun designed specifically to take out fighters, or a high range and high damage but incredibly inaccurate gun designed for orbital bombardment onto a city. With a weapons system like this, the possibilities in PvP will be endless, just like they are in the rest of the game.
  2. Nova_Lord

    FPS Combat?

    What is the combat going to be like ( if any) when one is not in a ship? Will we have rifles/pistols to use? or even swords/spears? I can imagine a huge war of to factions fights on the ground and in the sky to space. Thanks
  3. Orius

    Lasers Are Overrated.

    Here's a thought: no laser weapons. You know how in Halo games it is the 24th century, and the earthlings never mastered laser weapon technology, so they still used mainly bullets and gunpowder? So here's a thought: we could have something similar to that and not have lasers but rather bullet guns. It seems more realistic this way, because the people on earth would never have time to build on laser tech because of the whole "end of the world" thing. -Rhino
  4. This is for those who are new to Dual Universe (and the forums) and whom have not seen some of the art/in game assets shown by Novaquark. ​You can see more art assets made for Dual Universe by visiting the media section here. http://www.dualthegame.com/medias This is a large Weapon Turret to be used on larger spaceship constructs. The PIPES here would feed to these guns to provide power. Too cool! http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/static.www.novaquark.com/marmoset/Turret_01.html?platform=hootsuite​ https://twitter.com/dualuniverse/status/703285049853140992 EDIT: Below is another weapon, a Laser Cannon http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/static.www.novaquark.com/marmoset/Canon.html?utm_source=hootsuite​ https://twitter.com/dualuniverse/status/667770755724263424