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Found 8 results

  1. Kurock

    KO Mechanic

    Before we can start with the KO mechanic, here is a quick recap of the current death mechanic in Dual Universe As death penalties go, financial loss, full body looting and location displacement are only beaten in harshness by perma-death (which thankfully, DU does not have). Other MMOs have death prevention mechanics. For example, Guild Wars 2 has a weakened downed state where the player character can crawl back from the brink of death or get a last shot in before collapsing. Albion Online and the future Chronicles of Elyria both have (sometimes) knock out states where the player
  2. Sand, all up in my junk – Part 2 “RONALD” The world started to come back into focus around Stier, but the infirmary’s Interface was blaring an unfamiliar name at him. “MCNALDO?” Then it clicked. As far as the Arkship was concerned, that was his name. Before the ships left earth, occupants had to sign themselves into the new database after security checks. The UMF’s official records were on a much older system so the administrators were not able to import it automatically. During the sign-in process, some of the colonists changed their name and Stier wanted to see how far he could push it s
  3. Idea: When you die, for whatever reason, your ingame skilltree gets reseted or downgraded (setting you back to the previous stage in each category as an example) Concept behind: If you die, you respawn with a ressurection node, but this thing only has a blueprint of you, it doesn't know what was going on in your brain. You learn the skills over time while Aphelia, the AI, is manipulating your brain. If you die, the ressurection node loads a old version of your body and brain Pro: -You would fear the death -you would play safer -it would be more realistic -you would accept g
  4. I wonder what are the consequences when character dies what happens next ??
  5. I wonder what are the consequences when character dies what happens next ??
  6. Well as we see in no mans sky temperature plays a factor in survivable environments. So my question, or suggestion, is would we have to face Environmental threats like: sub-zero temperatures Scorching Temperatures Dangerous Fauna Strong Gravity Low Gravity Blackholes Meteors Asteroids Meteor showers Solar Storms Radiation and basically anything else you can think of? Cause honestly I would like to have these elements cause it makes it more challenging to find worlds to settle down on. like say there is a planet that has radiation pools but parts of the planet have sust
  7. Death without penalty is meaningless so it would be cool to get some long lasting effect on death. Ideas below. Resurrection timer: after 3 deaths you would have to wait 60 minutes or so. of course you could play an alt character until. Skill penalty: i think i dont have to explain this changed appearance: i mean scars and such things
  8. I'm just curious to know how long the community things it will take until one of us die. Answer the poll and post below any other ways you can think of them dying and who it might be.
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