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Found 4 results

  1. From what I know there are anti-gravity engines commonly discussed for this game. The devs even have a concept drawing for a hovercraft engine found here. From the E3 trailer I can deduce that something like this is already implemented as you will see massive ships suspended in mid air hovering over a planet's surface. I made this thread because I think that the hovercraft engine is cool but I don't think it should be the only means of mobility on a planet's surface. I would like to see trains and automobiles still in use as I feel like they could achieve certain tasks that certain ships couldn't. A maglev or a hyperloop train for instance would probably be very effective at hauling massive amounts of cargo or people safely, reliably, and quickly at a fraction of the cost of a full size cargo ship. Cars/Rovers would still be effective at moving individuals and small amounts of materials in a local area while being fairly inexpensive. Plus the infrastructure of building roads and rails would really bring character to a planet or colonization. Hovercraft should definitely have their place but I think that there should be other forms of surface transportation.
  2. I was just curious to know if Hinges, wheels, or rotating devices will be a thing in DU. I am not currently a backer and I know there is a NDA. Though overlooking some of the footage from previous Nova quark videos on YouTube I have seen balloons, blade less fans, and other rocket devices. I just would like to know if DU will have at least hinges and rotating devices within the game itself. A prime example of what I am looking at is like the space engineers moving parts.
  3. I know that NQ doesn't have any kind of road map for wheels at this time. And while I'm sure that's based on their projections to having a stable single shard Universe. There have been other threads started about wanting wheels for the sake of having them but not too much linear thought down that line of what we would do with them beyond the obvious. So I propose (Assuming we get wheels and any other form of locomotion) we work towards having a Planetary scale race track! For those who have seen the Anime 'Redline' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH7eBCTu_eM There is a Race that is held in 3 teirs. Blue, Yellow, then Red 'Line'. At the highest class about a dozen racers have a ground race where the vehicles go sometimes several hundred miles per hour with the race lasting somewhere in the 1+ hours range. The main Idea for this race is primarily based on this anime. -A track would need to be built with crazy speed in mind, varying types of vehicle types and weight to power ratio classes. -So wheeled (if implemented), hover, *anti grav*?, skid, legs, possibly a flight type as well. -Could do a Newton output maximum with a weight minimum perhaps. Would like to know some feed back on if this would be something everyone would be interested in doing. Have all corporations and organizations large and small compete in this race that could impact the winner in a huge way. Vehicle designers could be awarded contracts for having their blueprints churned out by large military factions wanting the winning design. Drivers could be hired out based on skill shown in the lower brackets and be sought after by the highest bidder. There are tons of opportunities here! There are some key issues I'm sure I'm unaware of that could make or break this idea but wondered what everyone here thinks. (Please remember to be constructive with your criticism, if you think this is a terrible idea please detail it)
  4. While I'm sure the vast majority of the people here are hoping to make a kick ass ship and fling themselves into the endless abyss of that last frontier, I am wondering about a more terrestrial mode of travel: wheels. Obviously when the game launches it will take a bit of time before we all get the skills/blueprints/materials/ability to make ships capable of spaceflight, and we will need a cheap and effective way of getting around on the surface. Will there be a selection of wheel elements of various sizes to make this happen? And will the physics allow us to set things like the torque and friction on the wheels to overcome rougher terrain? Also having wheels would enable us to have a racing league and have awesome races like in Speed Racer where you have those tracks that go upside-down and across continents and stuff.
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