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Found 3 results

  1. So, it is currently known that turrets will be lock-and-fire and have to be controlled manually by a person for each turret. This beings up a problem. In combat, your average turret gunner will be: -wait for orders to lock to a target -lock to target -rinse and repeat This will likely be tedious and detract from gameplay. It also won't make much of a difference compared to centrally controlled turrets all aimed by a few people except for adding a weak point of potential miscommunication. So, how do we address the issue? -A Quasi-Aim System: Make the turrets free-aim but still ude hitscan, with where the person is aiming being a factor in the DPS. While this might make combat more engaging, your average space battle will involve velocities too high for manyal aiming. -Relegate People to Management Roles: While this may solve the problems of tedium and not being able to hit things, implementing this would reduce the importance of players and something about emergent gameplay and being a social MMO and blah blah blah..... Of course, no system is perfect.
  2. So what i'm hoping for is the possibility to control things like doors and turrets using scripts. It would be awesome to be able to set certain access rights to specific members for doors, for example. This would help create personal chambers for characters as well as allow only authorized personnel into specific research labs and such. They could be controlled from a placeable terminal inside the room/facility that allows the creator to modify the users that the door will open for. I would suggest the same for turrets, so that if someone unauthorized enters the area, even if it is someone from your own corp, the turret will fire at them. This would also make for more interesting ship boarding scenarios as boarders may have to blast their way through a few doors to get to the control room. Perhaps there are also other actuators that could be controlled through a similar method? Like, floodgates to allow water to flow, or even just lights. Thoughts?
  3. Have yet to see a generalized topic on this subject, so I figured I would compose something and then place it up for debate to see what you all think on the subject matter. There are several different ways weapons as I see can go in Dual Universe, and when your basing it off RND otherwise known as Research and Development, it may go something like this as you progress throughout the game. {Anything here is subject to change, and or new ideas} Base Game Starting Weapons: Auto Cannons - High rate of fire, low damage, decent against fighter defense or other assorted light or unarmored ships. Artillery - Long range, slow to mid fire rate weapon that deals fairly heavy damage against mid to large size targets. Dumb-Fire Rockets - Line of sight rocket for fast assault frigates or fighters & bombers against mid to large size targets. Short Range Cruise Missiles - Mid to Long range heavy damage weapon with some target acquisition and tracking abilities. Low yield Nukes - Heavy damage weapon just meant to obliterate targets, or demoralize the enemy. Maybe even use in instances of planetary bombardment? Flak Cannons - Low damage - Very high rate of fire - for protection against Rocket, Cruise, and Nukes. Then as you progress throughout the game then you may start being able to access research opportunities like this. . . Mid Game Weapons: Rail gun - Long range heavy damage weapon with armor piercing capability - requires massive power output to use effectively. Emp Bomb - Pulse weapon to disable or destroy un-shielded electronics and other assorted ship / station systems. Pulse Cannon - Early stage energy weapon, uses fairly large amounts of power to fire off a mid range damage projectile of energized matter. Capable of chewing through armor with ease. Now as you start understanding technology far better, this is where the "Interesting" weapons that will scare the hell out of you come into play. End Game Weapons: Beam Cannon - Late stage energy weapon that uses insanely massive amounts of power, fires continuous stream of energized matter {plasma ?} that is capable of obliterating armored targets. Knife to butter anyone? ? Other ? For all of the weapons no matter when they are researched they should have different tiers of each, meaning a higher tier rail gun for instance would still be viable later game while facing off against energy weapons. The only difference is to achieve the higher tier weaponry for the older tech would require significantly more research to keep it effective. Now there are things I have certainly forgotten to add to this list. If you have any ideas feel free to tack them on below. As well let us know what you think of these weapon choices, after all your opinions matter, especially if you want to see some of these weapons in-game, as a lot of us definitely would. As for the {Debates} topics, I will be trying to write one a day for the considerable future, so stay tuned to see what I might bring up next. Feedback is appreciated... so click that like button!
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