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Found 5 results

  1. This games best/most fun aspects are its building, lua and PvP ones. I think this game would be much more successful if NQ changed their marketing towards a more 'space engineers' type of playerbase. Not invalidating anyone who has fun with all the other parts of this game but it seems clear to me that most people are disappointed getting into this game for its economy or 'emergent gameplay' aspects. Perhaps if NQ catered to the sandbox building type of players this kind of game would be more successful. I already suggested the community tags 'Sandbox' and 'Building' on the steam page to help this game become less misleading but if the NQ teams could do that manually that could be great. Yet again not invalidating the 3 people who love industry and mining here but frankly this game is just too large in scope to be able to realistically get all these features at a substantial point before NQ runs out of money.
  2. or something similar eg. vr players cannot be locked by friends / copy co-ordinates. The reason this being is, right now you can only go to PvP zones with people you absolutely trust, as it only takes one person to copy your co-ordinates and a whole fleet of ships can arrive onto your location in minutes, which makes it impossible to have things like large-scale asteroid mining operations without somebody inevitably spilling the beans and leaking your position to everyone. my suggestion is to make it impossible for friends to lock on to your location, or to copy your co-ordinates in a PvP zone unless you are piloting a ship with a space radar (deployable xs constructs don't count either of course) I'm no master gamedev like the NQ team here but I'm quite sure its a pretty quick fix, and would really help making large scale mining operations less risky. Tahnks!
  3. Shaman

    Anchor unit

    Currently, there is no real way to freeze your ship in space, flying with an agg, or in a place with no land like the ocean. The only method I know of is to activate your emergency controller and then fly away until it automatically freezes, which is very jarring, tedious and unreliable. This can pose a problem as it makes parked AGG ships more likely to fall out of the sky, space only docking very difficult (even with the new features), or simply just making your ship risk falling to its demise when you temporarily leave, without constructs or terrain to stand on I propose this: The anchor unit Comes in 4 sizes; each restricted to its relative core size Has two states: on or off, and can be activated by pressing E, lua, or using buttons. You can also use lua to check if the ship is anchored or not as well. when activated: If the construct the anchor unit is attached to under 5 km/h, not controlled by a control unit, and has no engines that are active, the ship freezes after 5 seconds. Otherwise, nothing happens until these conditions are true. Brakes and adjustors can still activate during this time. The anchor unit plays a sound indicating that it is done. If someone activates a control unit on the ship again, the anchor unit deactivates and the freeze is removed.
  4. Schematics should be upgradeable. Start with base schematic and put into research element. Takes energy/time/resources to upgrade schematics time/material/production efficiency. Then also let us sell these on the market. Would add some much needed depth to the schematic gameplay. Could add Scientist Skill trees to compliment this branch of research. (obviously assuming energy will be added soon) ?
  5. Sometimes I'm looking at my inventory or crafting something and I see I am running low on certain things or think I could use a stockpile of X item. It would be nice if there was an option in the right click menu of items to open up the nanocrafter build window for that item or a keybind shortcut even.
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