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Found 4 results

  1. Journal Entry: 0AA-14-7-19:34 (E.yr12478) Location: Helios system, Aloith ::pos{0,2,31.5092,109.2929,256.4138} Professor Draco F. Stan, Dragons Forge Research Institute It’s returned… I say returned, but it is more the truth to say ‘It’s real’ – damn, two years of cryo-simulation it seems can have an effect on even the most aware of minds. But how could it have appeared in our cryo-sim? We were over a year out from landfall on Alioth and nothing in Aphelia’s records points to anything more anomalous than the ‘alien’ cores that pull high-grade resources out of the vacuum energy of the Helios system – even those were only discovered and added to the cryo-sim as the Novark made its final approach. Not that getting access to Aphelia’s records is easy – and who’s to say we get complete access to all the data it’s holding. Everything we can remember about the ‘first’ implies it’s the same (damn Aphelia for erasing our data stores, even if simulated) – it looks the same, certainly the same dimensions and form, though some have said it’s a slightly darker shade than before, more freshly smelted chromium than the aluminium we determined as the gauge of the previous one. But that could just be the time of year and the different location changing the ambient lighting conditions. As best to our recollections, it certainly presents to our instruments the same as the previous … I don’t know what to call it, occurrence, encounter … encroachment? – It’s completely reflective to our conventional equipment, no absorption even at the electron-volt level. And as for our quantum-based instruments, we might as well as left them at the Institute. The same shadow, or hole as we saw before. Nothing registering, literal nothing. And again, the strange emission pervading the immediate vicinity - a localised anti-gravity field, that also seems to affect any quantum gravity manipulators, with no apparent source; a completely even field then an abrupt edge just passed 250metres from the … ‘it’. All our ships warp engines are running above 100% efficiency, all warp cells slowly gaining extra charge (not that we can use them this far into a gravity well – if only this … device … would have had the courtesy of appearing in space!). Tests developed in the cryo-sim showed the same impact on warp cell production, a minute but undeniable increase in efficiency. No doubt we’ll take what small advantage it gives us - got to fund this infuriating, exhilarating venture somehow! I need to decide – ‘occurrence’ feels to fit best. Generalised enough that it can describe a singular, but indicative that this may not be the only. The direct and seemingly complete alignment of the occurrence in the cryo-sim and here in the ‘real’ is frankly disturbing. How can they be so alike, but there be no record in what data we can access from Aphelia – and why would it hide what it showed us whilst we slumbered? Speculation has started anew as well, due to the appearance of this occurrence so close to the emergence of the unknown alien ships through the Janus Gate – so closely mirroring the previous appearance, following the discovery and incorporation of the ‘alien’ cores to the cryo-sim over a year ago. Are they connected? Or merely a cosmic coincidence … with so little data we can’t even speculate. In my mind a small niggle speaks to something else outside of these events … watching. The local organisation holding the adjacent tiles has been amenable to us setting up a permanent facility, even transferred title of the immediate tile to the Institute – of extreme curiousness, it is the same org that the previous occurrence appeared next to. I have no answer to this. Work has started on the containment structure, an updated design supposedly, but with no way of actually knowing if it will perform that function. While the old facility seemed to be adequate, we can never be sure – Aphelia assures us the cryo-sim was physically accurate to the real world, even to the quantum level, but even in there, we barely had any time to design those tests, let alone conduct them, before we woke up, and had to start afresh….. Journal entry ends ….
  2. This will be useful in several areas. For my part, imagine we want to build a playground for all, but we do not want some people malicious. We want to create an area without weapons, and of course with the help of a road with its detectors let pass only people coming for the game. Of course there will always be guard to monitor the detectors ... according to the systems that will be implemented. We can imagine other uses, such as transactions and others ...
  3. I have been into RP in games for a few years now. I haven't actually gotten too into it since most servers for games that offer it require an interview. Would anyone be interested in doing some RP type things. Like, come up with a back story for 2 or more empires(so to speak) and see how people play it out? If you would be interested, lets start planning! I can come up with a story if people would like to give options for names, look and feel of empires, and the such. I would also be open to help writing and what not. I truly think it would be amazing to have a good, immersive RP story for the RPers out there to jump into right off the bat. One thing I just thought of to keep things under control, would to possibly have what I would call sessions(episodes might be a better term, but we will stick to sessions for this example). Sessions would be times of the day when the most frequent people RPing are on. So, during those times is when it is full on RP. Outside of those times would be minimal, non story affecting, RP. One con to this is that it would really be too much improve, and people might take that time to plan things out. There would, of course, be rules of engagement, so that say a war broke out. One side wouldn't just be like f-it-all and nuke everyone. This could happen on the same planet, multiple planets, or even star systems. Would just depend on the number of people joining in! I look forward to everyone's feed back! Thanks, -TrihXeen
  4. Hello, I have a idea proposal for some economic interaction. I suggest a semi automated method for farming and or resource extraction. The method in mind would tie into other commodities increasing player to player economics. The nature of mining ore gathering, or mass producing items is usually fairly tedious and not much fun after you've harvested your 10,000th row of corn or zapped your 1,000,000th chunk of iron. So as a side career path to you being the biggest baddest space pirate you also want to grow asparagus, but you dont actually want to get dirt on your hands what you actually want is to market asparagus. What if you could hire workers controlled by a basic artificial intelligence to do menial labor such as this. If the resources couldnt be spared for processing hordes of 3d models then perhaps the calculations for growing and harvesting ect. could just be crunched at specific tics - with just a handful of models for representation I was thinking of a tiered system each with its own advantages to suit player's tastes, interest's, roleplay factors, maybe even correlate to missions. Thus you will acquire some types of labor below, give an interface a command and some resources and allow it to start doing its thing. Maybe you tell it to automatically pull a certain resource from a specified container or your pack - or not. The most basic of the base to the most advanced. Lowest Slave Economy - Cheap cost-effective results Forced Labor - These guys dont work too hard, but you also dont pay them. Upkeep Costs Basic Foodstuff; Output Yields 75% Slaves - People that have no chance of escaping their bonds, they work hard because the alternatives are unpleasant.Upkeep Costs Basic Foodstuff, Wooden Housing 100% Indentured Slaves - They may not like it, however, for one reason or another they have signed or waived their rights to you and therefor they WILL like it . Upkeep Basic Foodstuff, Basic Housing 125% - 50% Chance 25%Boost Labor economy - Workers of the world, a chance for something better Entry Worker - Poor and unhappy these guys have little chance of advancing in society. Upkeep Low Wages, Basic Housing 100% Educated Worker - Unions and Educated workers, these guys have earned their due. Upkeep Medium Wage Apartment/Medium Housing 150% - 50% chance to produce and additional 25% yield. Superior Worker - Any number of men and women could apply to this field be they Genetically modified, Cybernetically Enhanced, or just a plain Genius. High Pay, Deluxe Housing 200% Yield 50% Chance of 50% bonus Digital Econ - Producing according the the \program\ Robotics - Programmed Machinery to perform labor. Energy, Machine Parts, 125% Autonomous Robotics- Machinery capable of re-configuring itself for greater task efficiency. Energy, Machine Parts, Computer Components 175% Sentient Nano-robotics - Machines networked and calculating, they live to work, just a grade below artificial intelligence they are aware of their own existence though they cannot fathom independent thinking rendering them unable to revolt against society. Energy, Machine Parts, Computer Components, Bio-Processors 225% Efficiency Slaves and robotics could be items placeable on the open market. whereas Workers from the labor type economy could possibly be hired from staff agencies / receptacles / or an Employment Agent NPC. To reiterate the effectiveness of the tiers if it is confusing posted the other way. Inputs/Needs Outputs/Efficiency 1 Food 75% 2 Food, Primitive Housing 100% 3 Food, Basic Housing, Clothing 125% 50% Chance of 25% increase 1 Low Wage, Basic Housing 100% 2 Medium Wage, Medium Housing 150% 50% chance of 25% increase 3 High Pay, Expensive housing 200% 50% chance of 50% increase 1 Energy, Machine Parts 125% 2 Energy, Machine Parts, Computer Components 175% 3 Energy, Machine Parts, Computer Components, Bio-Processors 225% The point to the Economy types, is that certain player or computer organisations might impose rules or regulations over an entire group. Thanks for reading, this idea is a bit rough, I hope you can see potential of it though; please feel free to expose any flaws you see in this concept.
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