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Found 4 results

  1. So I'm weird and actually prefer 1st person view when driving my constructs, though I know most people prefer 3rd view, hence the recent change. Rather than have one group constantly having to push insert to get to their view every time, I propose having a Settings Option, perhaps under controls, that allows us to choose our Default Piloting View/Camera for flying constructs.
  2. I think I've posted about this several times before, but piloting in Dual Universe is pretty unbearable - pretty much impossible - for me now because my screen freezes for a long time making me lose control of my ship, which in turn makes me crash often. I suspected it has to do with the lag but people have said it has improved somewhat. I dunno. I was also thinking it has to do with my graphics settings so I tried lowering the threads from the default (which is six I think) to two. I still had problems with flight. So perhaps it isn't a graphics thing either (unless my GPU and system is really poor - I have a GTX 1660 coupled with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600. I have 16 GB RAM in my system and I have the game installed on an external SSD. ) I'm just wondering if screen freezing is a common thing for you.
  3. In my opinion, prioritizing piloting should be the top priority focus of the dev team at this point. The lag I get when trying to go to the market, or even just land at my base, is just unreal. It's by far the biggest pain point I'm having with the game. For example, the reason I'm posting, I was frozen during my Alioth D7 Market landing for about 8 minutes (yes, EIGHT), before, once again, crashing my ship (...again). Now, because the game doesn't actually tell my why it's frozen for eight minutes (trees? mining holes? constructs? something completely different?), I don't actually know what's in place already. Here are some ideas: Pilot Priority Mode A setting that toggles a wire-framed world while piloting or similar, like simply not rendering things that don't affect my flight or convex hull (only) other-player constructs while piloting or a mix of the above Quick Fixes (Temporary issue patch ideas) Zero Damage Lag Detection If the game detects lag that occurs shortly before landing, no damage to ship... Free Landings Built-in auto-land to markets and owned constructs Within some distance (2km?) - A loading screen would be fine (I don't need to see you auto-land my ship) Reduce the necessity for market travel There might be a stark reason this isn't already in place, but what if a planet's markets were linked? Call it item teleportation (fancy!), allowing us to buy and sell any item on that planet's market. Thanks for reading. I've been playing about a month, and I'm hooked. The game is amazing, and I plan to keep renewing my subscription. But, please, PLEASE, could you do something about this piloting lag?
  4. Issue: Construct destroyed upon entry Client Version: BETA 1 OCTOBER 2020 - 0.22.6 Summary Upon entering my construct fitted with a medium dynamic core, I was greeted with a loading screen. After load completed the info message displayed was that I had respawned due to my construct being destroyed. Reproduction Steps Enter Construct on the ground near District 4 Market landing platform. Actual Result Destruction of construct & death Expected Result Enter Construct Forum Posts None Notes Construct was parked and slightly clipped into the ground. Crash Dumps No crash upon bug Screenshots/Videos No screenshot available happened instantaneously. DxDiag.txt
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