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Found 4 results

  1. Cyber-Phoenix is a German Org, so this will be a German post. If you'ar not speaking German, a short English introduction is on the Communety hub. You can ask any question, no mather if in English or in German. DEVELOPMENT|KNOWLEDGE|DEPLOYMENT Metadaten: Sprache: Deutsch Komunikation: TS3/Cy-Ph Forum/DU Community Color Code: Red: Management|Blue: Science|Green: "Security" Ursprung: Cyber-Phoenix MGC Wer sind wir? Cyber-Phoenix ist eine zweiseitige Organisation. Auf der einen Seite sind wir eine wissenschaftliche Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und Produktions-Organisation. Auf der anderen Seite haben wir auch trainierte Kampfeinheiten, welche sowohl zum vertreten unserer Interessen nach außen, als auch zum Schutz im inneren. Dies bietet natürlich auch unseren Mitgliedern differenzierte Möglichkeiten in dem was sie tun können. Unser Ziel ist es eine Etablierte rolle in diesem Universum einzunehmen und unsere Interessen zu vertreten. Dazu gehört auch sich in Angelegenheiten ein zu mischen die gegen unsere Agenda stehen sollten. Mehr Information, wie zb. den RP Hintergrund findet ihr in unserem Forum. Was bieten wir? Wir bieten eine Strukturierte Umgebung für die verschiedensten Spieler, so wie eine gute Grundlage für RP. Bei uns stehen euch viele Möglichkeiten offen, die verschiedensten Aufgaben, oder sogar Führungspositionen zu übernehmen. Zudem natürlich eine freundliche Deutschsprachige Spieler Gemeinschaft ^^ Wo kommen wir her? Cyber-Phoenix ist ursprünglich ein kleiner Deutscher MultiGamingClan. Dieser ist jedoch unabhängig von der DU Org, so das keinerlei Verpflichtungen für irgendwen bestehen. Jedoch ist schon eine Grundlage für das Verwalten einer gut Strukturierten Organisation geschaffen. Wir suchen euch! Ihr sprecht Deutsch? Sucht eine Organisation mit vielen Möglichkeiten? Seit RP interessiert? Dann seit ihr bei uns absolut richtig! Wir freuen uns über jeden (freundlichen) Spieler der sich uns anschließt. Schreibt einfache eine kurze Bewerbung im Community Portal, in der ihr erklärt wer ihr seid und warum ihr euch für Cy-Ph interessiert. Links: Community Portal: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/cyber-phoenix Website: https://cyber-phoenix.com/index.php?dualuniverse/ Forum: https://cyber-phoenix.com/forum/index.php?board/20-dual-universe/ TS3: cyber-phoenix.com
  2. This Post is about a German MultiGamingClan, searching new members, especially for DU. Because of this, I will continue in German. If there are any Problems or Questions, just ask ^^ Hallo werte Mitarker,Wir von Cyber-Phoenix sind auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern, im besonderen was DU angeht. ^^Cyber-Phoenix ist ein MultiGamingClan gegründet durch Freunde, die schon davor stets zusammen spielten.Wir sind aktuell noch relativ klein und auf der Suche nach mehr netten Leuten, welche Spaß am geselligen Zocken haben und für den ein oder anderen Spaß zu haben sind.Wir sind eher ein "FUN" Clan, auch wenn wir doch auch mal ernster spielen. Allgemein ist es uns sehr wichtig, dass man Spaß zusammen hat. Zurzeit liegt unser Gamefokus auf: -Dual Universe-League of Legends-Playerunknown's Battlegrounds-Trouble in Terrorst Town Wir sind aber auch ansonsten für Spiele zu haben.Unsere Anforderungen an Spieler sind:-Spaß an spielen-Humor-Geistige Reife-Alter 16+Für Kommunikation und Planung haben wir zu dem unser eigenes Forum. Wir freuen uns sehr auf jeden Arker, suchen jedoch Mitglieder die sich nicht nur auf DU beschränken, sondern mit denen man auch anders Spielen kann. Seid ihr interessiert und wollt uns evtl. beitreten oder nur mal vorbei schauen?Kein Problem:Schaut doch einfach mal auf unserem TeamSpeak vorbei:Cyber-Phoenix.comOder schaut auf unsere WebSite vorbei, dort findet ihr auch ein Bewerbungsfomular:http://cyber-phoenix.com/mgc.html
  3. We are the Forgers. We forge our future by deep mining and building subterranean cities. We do not build tombs but ancient marvels beneath the surface. Join our clan of survivors as we forge our fortress of earth into magnificent structures. Help build our cities with pride and become one of the ancient forgers of our great city. "Out from the ashes we will take flight, Like a fiery core we will burn bright." We are a small faction of Underground Builders, Miners, and Terraformers forging our new life near the core. Help us forge our collective story underground. If your interested in building an underground city join the Phoenix Forge! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/phoenix-forge https://discord.gg/QTrxfQy SaveSave
  4. Phoenix Initiative was established with the intent of exploration. However, exploration by itself is not possible without supporting infrastructure. The Branches of Phoenix Initiative provide for the fulfillment of our exploration goals. Phoenix Initiative was founded by Allen Tainia after the historic landing of Novark on Alioth. His strong will and determination have brought us together to enable the human condition to learn about the universe. It is solely this desire that initiated the objective of exploration. Join us, satisfy your curiosity and fulfill your destiny. PI is split into branches, then departments, then, if need be, sections. Each branch will manage its own assets and can issue requests to other branches for its assets if it requires assistance. The directors all share the same duties as the highest ranking officials in each branch, however, they outrank them and act as the leader of each branch. For branches with two directors, the first position is called Alpha and outranks the second, Beta. Each member of the Core Assembly is one of these ten directors. The Core Assembly will make all decisions concerning large-scale PI operations with Allen Tainia as the Chairman of the Core Assembly. The rank of Journeyman will apply to all brand new recruits across each branch. They should not take long to advance to their particular branch's lowest rank. Journeymen will be judged more quickly and probably more harshly due to their untrustworthiness (forgive the negative connotation here). More trusted members will be allowed more leniency, since they have proven themselves. *We are currently taking applications for all vacant Director and top-rank positions (Admiral, Master Coordinator, etc...). When Alpha arrives, I will approve the best applicants and make a formal announcement to that effect. Applications submitted sooner have higher priority, so don't hesitate to apply. This waiting period gives a fair chance to everyone who applies. Application is not necessary to join PI, but it is required for Director and top-rank positions. When the time comes, I will be announcing received applications/accepted positions on PI Discord. (see below for link) Don't forget to check out PI on the community site! Director/Top Rank Application Position: Age: Timezone: Estimate how much time you could allocate for us: Why should I pick you for this position?: To submit the application, PM me with a filled out application on the forums or on Discord. No application necessary to join PI, only for leader positions. Although there is a clear hierarchical order here, I intend for the gameplay rift between highest and lowest ranks to be minimal. All ranks ought to share somewhat the same style of gameplay. The only intentional difference is that the higher ranks get to call the shots. The agents of PI are expected to behave in accordance with a very simple code of conduct. PI is an organization based on exploration, science, invention, and diplomacy. We are not pirates and we are not griefers. We do not blatantly steal and destroy. Harassing other players in any way is unacceptable. Definition of harassment is entirely up to me and the judicial department. Violation of this code will result in punishment or possibly expulsion from PI. We will consider all actions and statements from you, even on "your" time. That includes in-game when you are not working on PI activities, or on the forums or other DU related community. Any character will be allowed to be members of other organizations only as long as there is no conflict: Not a pirate or other disreputable organization. We are not pirates and we do not associate with them.* You do not overextend yourself. Working two jobs takes a lot of effort. Will be allowed if you can handle yourself. No conflict with the other organization. If you're not sure, ask them. *Note that I said this was a character limitation. I am fine with you having another character which is a pirate. In fact, I may do that. This applies to characters only. I don't want people to get their hopes up for something that just isn't going to happen. A first day spawn just isn't going to become captain of a ship. Nor will a weekend-only player become a Director (a role which is supposed to be extremely active). I realize that sometimes things change or people encounter problems in their real lives, so those who lose time to play won't be punished or demoted as long as they tell the rest of us what's going on. This isn't meant to discriminate good or bad players, it is meant to manage expectations and avoid unpleasant surprises. There's nothing inherently wrong or bad with spending your time elsewhere. Regular playing and socializing lets me and other officers in PI examine your trustworthiness and willingness and ability to contribute, which allows us to place more trust in you. Very likely that only those who tend to play with us, get on VOIP with us, engage with us (and a lot of it) will get higher ranking positions or more benefits. This may seem to be unfair to those with extremely limited time and/or money, but that's the way it is. Trust is earned, not given. Everything above is subject to change, as more is learned about DU and as gameplay may necessitate change. Read the full story here. Although this is not an RP group, I don't discourage it. But because I also don't enforce RP, don't be surprised if no one plays along with you. RPing by yourself probably isn't fun at all, but hey, I warned you. (Catch me in the right mood though and I may play along, especially if it's about my character's backstory.) Ideally, all. But until a significant following is established, most likely that we will be in US timezones since I live in the US. I hope that I can get a group of nice individuals who would act as leaders in non US timezones. Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/9g2Sxg8 Website TBD Would love help with a website, although, after using Discord for a while, we might just rely on that, the community page, and possibly the forums. I would also like to make a new phoenix graphic. It's so terrible. Please send help.
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