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Found 4 results

  1. Ore Currently Dual Universe has far to much ore. You can look at many reasons to as why this is the case such as lower population, large amount of alts, picking up and placing auto miners to obtain high tier ore to mine (nq really?). My thoughts are it's a combination of a few problems. Population, active vs passive game play & solo/safety vs team work. Currently auto miners allow a single player to obtain far more resources then any average player would use, even if said player used all the ore which is simply unlikely the ore ends up in products which floods the market. Auto miners are further abused by alts which will exist as long as there is profit. The end result is either the profit is so low no one uses alts = Fail (due to tax) or Its so valuable people abuse alts and get an unfair advantage that cannot be taken away from them (lets be real, atmo pvp isn't coming any time soon) = also a fail. My suggestion is to dice game play up unto tiers and giving different types of game play to obtain ore to encourage active game, team play and trading. Auto miners I would suggest that all t4/t5 is removed from auto miners all together, having unlimited safe access to the highest tier ore in the game makes no sense to begin with. Every tile should offer a healthy amount of each t1 ore. Doing so allows new players to arrive on any planet and allow them to get t1 voxels, dabble in factory and play the casual play style solo style many people want to enjoy without being shafted by things happening in the universe. I believe t2 should be in healthy amounts mostly for space fuel with t3 having a lesser amount for warp cells but not an unlimited overflow as we're having right now (if every person warps every ship for any reason there's a problem) Once a player has auto miners placed, they've dabbled in building, mined some safe zone asteroids (active game play!!!), factory, bought a warp drive and experienced most aspects of the game they have a decision to make. Join an org or stay solo. If a player decides they want to remain solo they can create/barter for any luxury items they want and continue to play without changes to dual universe stopping their game play. Lets move onto the section that every solo player aspiring to be the richest person in the universe is going to HATE. T4/T5 & Asteroids. t1/t2 should be everywhere in bigger nodes/less popcorn nodes across all asteroids both in the safe zone and the PVP zone. This will allow new players to aim for the stars and use active game play to obtain resources faster then someone would passively (as it should be??). It's very important that players not only have an active aspect to mining but it must be extremely fast compared to auto miners to devalue alts and to encourage game play/getting people into space. With the nerf to t3 from auto miners the t3 should be more easily obtainable from t2+ asteroids. While I do believe there should be some in the safe zone asteroids it should never come to the point in which people warp everything every time for obvious reasons. Warp cells should not be rare but nor should they be everywhere. With t4/t5 being removed from auto miners the amount of t4/t5 asteroids needs to be increased as well as more ore being in each asteroids via more nodes and larger nodes. My logic If t4 is easily obtained people simply say rare elements are good enough and have no desire to obtain exotic items completely devaluing the hardest tier of ore to obtain as well as plasma which will effectively kill alien cores just as auto miners has done to asteroids. The assumption that the population will be larger post launch so the ore per person playing is lower is a valid argument but the argument that the difference between t4/t5 is so small there's no point to attacking alien cores must be considered. The cost % and power % increase between rares to exotics makes no sense, 1000% increase for a 10% increase at best? If you used the guns in pve for an unlimited amount of time making them extremely valuable I can see this work but in dual universe in which you are constantly risking elements to extremely unpredictable battles makes it far to costly. One could make the argument and say exotics should only be slightly better and more available, those people making this argument only care about getting cheap powerful elements and do not care about the org/alliance aspect of alien cores. A person may also make the argument that legion controls all the cores but this argument also falls flat on its face looking ahead to launch. If a single alliance controls every pvp point in the game that's a failure on nqs balancing side and has nothing to do with some elements being slightly better. End point. I believe auto miners should provide ample t1 and supplement t2/t3 instead supply all the ore in the game you need removing active game play. As with any other game the highest tiers of elements in the game (t4/t5) should require engagement in the community or have successful people trade for it. Edit : High tier asteroids must not spawn near the safe zone boarder!
  2. Many players have a dozen or more cores deployed just to operate mining units. This is because they have the skills to support a large number of MU, but can't effectively use more than a few of them on any single tile because the tile does not have sufficient ore available, and because a single core can't be placed at a tile-edge and used to operate mining units on multiple tiles. As such, in order to reduce the number of cores individual players use I propose that the both the ore available on all hexes and the taxes on those hexes be doubled, as this would allow players to concentrate their mining units on to a smaller number of cores, reducing the number of hexes and cores they'd need while still maintaining the current balance of taxes to ore.
  3. This is going to be in a list style format. No poll this time (too many suggestions, just leave comments ) Add "full throttle" key bind. Literally inverse of "stop engines" key bind, but in cruise control just acts like tapping the up-throttle button once. Tank hubs. Like container hubs, but for only 1 tank type a piece. Consider altering the ore distribution to better fit this game loop flaw (forum post). Essentially allow at least 1 tier 2 to exist on all planets/moons. Consider making territory units craftable in nanocrafter using tier 1 components, albeit extremely slowly (see referenced post). Consider changes to the atmospheric scattering shader It's been a long while, and I'm sure if y'all have planet tech cooking, the atmospheric scattering definitely is being worked on. Frankly though, it's pretty easy to make a good atmospheric shader, especially in an engine that gives a lot of tools for you. Make changes so that the trace chemicals in each atmosphere give a transition effect before the atmosphere fades night atmosphere is not 100% transparent (a proportion based on the atmosphere's thickness Change atmospheric colors of ALL planets to match the planet atmospheres on the MAP (or some other interpretation). Now that I have your attention (here's a word from our sponsor, Raid Shadow Legends!), here's some changes I would like to see in future releases. Total planet reset to accommodate new planet tech. The forum post attached, assuming you also read referenced other posts, would fill my argument. It's the last step in improving all the planets after literally everything else has changed. Just do it sometime soon, the team has already found, or is going to find ways to make the transition as easy as possible. Ex. "Magic BPs" It's beta phase 1, when's phase 2? I'm tired of small planets with bad detailing that all embarrass all of us when we attempt to show the game to friends. Exploration needs good destinations. This game has almost none. Schematics. Ties in with the previous ore distribution, but to compare to another game... In Empyrion Galactic Survival, you can start from the ground up (nothing on the player), and make your way to end game, without ever needing to interact with any other player. It is balanced to be like this. A game like DU should promote this as well for a few reasons: Polish, showing the game's designers are good at making the core loops Whenever there's frontier societies, we cannot rely on the rest of society. Especially when you think about the "player made markets", why would bots suddenly be selling these schematics there (giving free cash to the establisher)? The element of progression, which when made well, can be engrossing and well worth the effort, and rewarding (player retention). In Demeter I'm quite pleased with the clear well thought out ideas of the mining loops, I'm confident the team is beyond competent to take upon the challenge of this. Physics (player and construct) While hard KSP-style (proper Newtonian) physics I don't imagine 100% for this game, many changes should be made to uphold realism and balance for the game. To quote a reddit comment I made on the DU subreddit... Thanks for reading, hope you are swayed by my arguments. See y'all!
  4. I talked specifically about planet atmospheres (and skybox) in this post, as well as a similar post that my friend made focusing on the nebula found here. These detail issues that link into this particular issue, and are very important, however, I am not mentioning them in this post. Now why do I bring up these 3 posts? Well, they link very heavily into the topic at hand. Planet tech, and planet revamp. Starting with the game's progression and longevity itself, the current planets do not link very well (if at all) with the progression within the game. To put it succinctly, this section of text describes it perfectly: In this issue, the game's progression directly clashes with the way these planets were designed. Not to mention the longevity of the planets. On the regard of longevity, the simplest way to explain it would be the post about planet tech, their appearance, and their atmospheres, but also including their size. If you were to compare the Alioth system to the rest of the planets, you'd notice something highly disturbing. Alioth is double the radius of all other planets (and a lot of them are over double smaller), Sanctuary moon is also bigger than every planet excluding Alioth, and even Alioth's moons are the same size as Madis! 30km radius, 60km diameter. For an MMO of the scale that Dual Universe wants to have, planets this small is comparable to Space Engineers, a game designed for either small scale multiplayer, and singleplayer messing around. Many of the moons of the planets have been completely mined out of anything but tier 1's (pre-demeter), and planets such as Madis are extremely full of players, and we were only about a year into the public beta. To solve this major issue, I suggest the planets' sizes to be increased significantly. The moons themselves should be around as big as Sanctuary is currently (80km diameter), and all the planets should be of course much bigger, a maximum size in my opinion would be upwards of 600KM, but most likely closer to 400KM diameters. This is of course to increase the longevity of the planets and their habitation, and to make the sense of scale within the game much more apparent. Onto the tech itself, while I'm sure that the developers working on planet tech already have made major improvements to the planets, a sneak peak found in this video (over a year ago, now), it is highly apparent if you look closely at many of the planets that they were not made with intent of being permanent, let alone even looking pretty on the surface. Just look at Alioth, for example, it is quite clear that it is literally just an upscaled version of whatever it was when it was smaller like the rest of the planets, not even scaling the terrain's biomes and noise along with it to counteract this issue, which is an amateur mistake, especially for something as permanent as it seems to be currently. Not to mention, this post (can you tell the difference), which clearly shows that both Thades, and Sinnen uses the exact same planet generator, and if you look at Madis, also appears to use a very similar generator (but with different colors), of which shows just how lazy they were thrown together. Very little variety in terrain shapes. We move onto the other planets, Teoma seems to be one of the higher effort ones, having both grass, and trees, but once again is betrayed by the laziness of not even doing a height filter properly, and in that, Teoma literally had UNDERWATER TREES (pre-Demeter), which is honestly confusing and I don't know why they did not pick up on this. Additionally, although it looks very pretty, Teoma also has what seems to be a translation slider for its terrain compared to Alioth, and in that, they just translated all terrain filters for voxel types down by like 500 meters to a KM, and terrain up by about 100-250 meters, achieving a planet covered by mountains, and with no proper bodies of water (which to my current knowledge is by no means realistic). I could keep bashing each one of the planets and their features, but I think at this point you get the idea. These planets don't seem to be permanent, and seem to be amateur-ish at best. With how the process of a planet revamp would work, I must clear up a few major misnomers. Firstly, assuming it's not an actual wipe, all of your constructs will be turned into magic BP's (compactified constructs) and put into players' inventories. Of course, the items within the player's inventories will also remain, and thus no actual information except for the planets themselves will be altered, or lost. This of course does mean, however, that multi-core builds will be a pain to set up once again, however, I'm sure NQ is smart enough to find solutions to that issue as before. I hope that you enjoyed this post to some degree, and also are willing to undergo a planet revamp. I doubt it will be the easiest change, however, it is vital to the game's success, not only for the player base, but for the company, and continuation of the game's development as a whole.
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