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Found 2 results

  1. Make outer planets (the ones that are outside safezone) have "safe zone" only while actually in atmosphere. Currently it's 2.5su and it destroys any risk/reward factor. You can warp in, mine t4/t5, warp out. You pay like 2-3% of your income to be completely pvp immune and have 0 risk. I do understand that atmo-pvp is not ready so real atmosphere will still be inside the safezone and pvp immune. This will open enormous opportunities and make t4/t5 and PVP actually meaningful. You will need to figure your way in/out. You will have an option of mining t1-t3 in complete safety or go for it and try to grab the gold by risking to get killed. This will add meaning to having fleets, alliances for protection and make the game actually a box with a sand to play and has a very low dev cost. NQ can the advertise the game as: "Fight for resources" "Press for power" blablaa and it will not be fakenews and this WILL BRING players, new and old ones back.
  2. Those some of the solutions are Very Easy to Implement in to the Crurrent game. Pls Upvote if you see this as A Prolem as well. -------------------------Price Per unit to Produce with L4 skills------------------- ------>/Product Nitro Fuel/---------------------------------Market Price----------Gewinn -627kh per 6M investment in ores At the moment most people just Mine Ores sell it to bots and Buy BP Because at the current state of the game thats the fastest way to get BP. The Problem with that is if they Buy BP's Money get destroyed, if they sell Ore Ore getsdestroyed. So in a Nutshell they do nothing to the Econnomy, even worse they dirft more and more away interacting with players. So The stuff they do is completly Meaning less. So more and more People becomme less intrested in the game. new players have a very hard time starting and probebly Leave Early. Economic Perspektiv The in game currency is now worth way more then it was before Update that would not nessearly be a Problem there is allready a way that new Money gets generated in the game: daily reward. But as we all now this is not the only change that happend, at the same Ore Bots where Intreduced to Put more Money back in to economy, Essentialy Allowing players to do Useless work by selling stuff to Bots. Yes those players will one day after Houres and houers of grinding have all the BP's and Ore Pricec will go Obove the Bot level Again. 2 Problems with that 1. You will have Huge Economic Monopoles because once Ore pricec Rise players will have a very hard Time getting Industrie them self. They need Months to get industrie runnung and to get the investment on Industrie back. 2. not evry one Likes Farming Ores and its very hard to do somting else (with no Kapital) New Players how start mining at Alioth they have no other choice then selling at 10-16 on Alioth so what do the Big players do they take this Ore take it to the Huge Hauler and Destroy it on sanctuary Profit 15-10h/l So those new Players do not even Help the Economy, they are just being exploited for Money. And Yes i know some Elements are Below the 24h/l ore Buy Value so at the moment Elemets are sold like ore Pricec would be 20h/l or Below but that wont last long when they Realize instead of selling stuff at the market i could just as well direktly sell evrything to bots would bring more Money. Luckly most didnt seen to Realize that or they may just dont want to sell to bots. All Solution Eliminated The Need for Ore bots / Avioding money skings / Compensate money sinks Soluations for Eliminating that gigantic Money sink called BP's Solution 1 BP gets Distrubuted daily rewards So all players get a Random BP which they can sell To the Economy instead of Bot deciding the price Players do now and Learn how to Interact with the Economy Solution 2 BP Get Distrubuted by Mining if you dig you might find BP by Diging Underground. Solution 3 Daily rewards get way bigger to Compensate to money loss from BP's Solution 4 Have smaller Taxses on Markets. Solutions to Destroying Material in a more Fun way / Creating better Resource sinks / Compensate Resource sinks Solution 1 Elements just have 2 lives now Solution 2 Elements Get used over Time Solution 3 You Creat bots that Set Pricec (Minus 1-5) of the Highest Buy Order from the player Solution 4 PvP gets More Relevant Solution 5 Recepies get changed depending at the State of the Economy(Hard to Implement) https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/143304/better-economic-stabilization-methods
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