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Found 4 results

  1. I believe the devs have made comments about possibly adding more arkships to the game for players to be found in the future. These arkships would serve as spawnpoints for new players which would allow for a new player to forge their own way forward, rather than spawning in the middle of an already heavily developed planet/city. In between the 10,000 years from Sol being destroyed to the Novark landing on Alioth, there is quite a lot that could have occurred in the galaxy. One of these could have been a similar situation to earth, except with another alien civilization. These wouldn't have to be specifically arkships, just something that served a similar purpose of spawning new players into the game, and any new players who spawned from these would not be human. This could be anything from just cosmetic differences to even things like certain skills being quicker or slower to gain compared to the human skill-tree. A simple cosmetic difference could allow for emergent gameplay surrounding xenophobic governments, and having a difference in certain things like element appearance ( or maybe even function, though that might prove an issue for balance and also for people who are one race or another but want to use the elements of the other race ) which could make having a diverse org something to pursue. What do you think about NQ adding playable aliens at some point in the (far) future? I myself am not even sure if it would be a good or bad idea, but I do think that if they were to do it then this would be a good way.
  2. The most commonly accepted theoretical method for FTL travel is called the Alcubierre Drive, which propose to build an engine that can warp space. This involves creating a 'warp bubble' which consists of an unexpanded region in the center, a squished region in the front and a stretched region in the rear. To simply slap on a module that make your ship go is not good enough. To make FTL ship design interesting/compelling a designer should have to calibrate the field geometry such that the ship fits in the bubble the bubble is streamlined the engine has sufficient power to maintain the bubble radius Desirable attributes of FTL drive for shipbuilders to balance: Startup time - This is the time your ship takes to initiate FTL from cold start Speed - This is the maximum velocity your ship can achieve without overloading your FTL drive Acceleration- How fast your ship can speed up and slow down.Energy usage How much energy it takes to maintain velocity. Structural integrity - The ability of your ship to accelerate in a given direction without flying apart. Power - The amount of your ship dedicated to supporting your FTL system Control systems - A well designed control system will operate your engine efficiently and safely, without exploding Interactive FTL capability will add value to ships and increase competition for engineering design and control systems. The FTL design of a vessel would have to be engineered and calibrated by a specialist, and each design would have to be unique. Equations of warp bubble can be described by the FTL drive component with simple made up math which is loosely based on current ftl research but has nothing to do with reality: The field is composed of an expansion ellipsoid and a contraction ellipsoid Velocity =Vector(D, sqrt(E*C)*FD) where D is the angle between the FTL drive and the point furthest from the warp drive on the contraction ellipsoid. where FD field divergence is the maximum distance between the two ellipsoids in meters where E energy is a constant based on the total energy supplied to the drive where C is the speed of light in a vacuum If I place my ellipsoids farther apart I will travel faster. If I place them closer together I will slow down. Changing the field geometry such that the field is offset in a direction other than forward would allow your ship to drift, strafe, and warp sideways and pull off all sorts of maneuvers. The offset and the sizes of the ellipsoids comprising the warp field will determine the velocity and direction of travel. To withstand a change in direction the ship must have sufficient cross-sectional strength/weight ratio in the direction of the change in acceleration. The drive is controlled by the positioning of the ellipses. The first set of inputs, X0,Y0,Z0 control the energy diverted to projecting the bubbles in each direction, determining the size of the bubbles. The second set of inputs , X1,Y1,Z1 controls the position of the forward bubble relative to the drive. Field divergence and velocity is given by the second set of inputs. To turn the drive off, cut the power. If the power level is insufficient to create a bubble which your ship fits inside your ship will not enter warp. If the field strength is not sufficient to maintain the bubble radius the ship will be crippled by the shearing force. Energy usage will be given by the total volume of the bubble divided by the aspect ratio of the bubble, direction of travel to max radius perpendicular to the direction of travel multiplied by the field divergence. Protip: Use the same mechanic except with a single ellipsoid when you implement shield bubbles to save work. This will lead to the following situation: The captain tells the engineer to outrun the other ship The engineer is concerned because you run the risk of overheating the engines The captain doesn't care and just wants to go faster Either the ship explodes or everything works out ok depending on both the engineers competence and the designers competence A staple situation of modern space drama which would only appear in a cutscene in any other game.
  3. So would this be possible? I know ramming is going to be impossible to do but what about hyper space collision will this be a tactic thats possible? I will add a poll if this gets answered/ not shot down
  4. Okay for this weeks debate I thought I would go off on a tangent and discuss a topic that interests me a great amount. As far as we know at the moment there are only two ways of FTL travel in-game, and they are tied together; one will not work without the other. Anyway what I aim to discuss tonight is a few other potential possibilities for FTL that would / could be available later on in the game, once people have access to more knowledge, and are more - industrialized. Potential Advancement of game base FTL - timeline: Of course we already know about the stargate probes and how they will be used as warp / jump beacons for ships to travel to distant solar systems - and that this process takes months apparently. Let me go ahead and note - this post will NOT be talking about probes, and that this post will make some speculation on potential game mechanics - so the post may later be annulled by validated information. Reminder "DO NOT DISCUSS PROBES" - this has already been covered many many many times in several posts. What it will be talking about are a few other potential possibilities that could be used within the game at later points in time to provide better travel time / speed, as long as you have the skills/knowledge to use said techs. Here is a list of potential FTL technologies that "could" appear after a base understanding of the stargate - jump gate and probe system. These will be in order of development / technological advancement / skill level. Warp drive: Will to the best of my knowledge be the first form of FTL that is accessible within the game - is used to travel to a stargate probe in another system. Uses large amount of power - consistent rate of energy consumption. {Ship Based} Jump gate / stargate: Will be a very large physical object that is used to jump between systems instantaneously. Requires a large amount of power - however energy peaks at jump - requires massive generators to deal with peak. {Station Based} {Fixed Object} Far as is currently known - these will be in the game in one way or another. Anyway here is a few potential ways of FTL that "could" be available later on throughout the game. Hyperspace: A faster form of FTL than Warp. Uses a large consistent supply of energy during usage. Requires a large surge or burst of energy at engagement of drive to tear into subspace to travel. Fairly large generator. {Ship Based} Jumpdrive: One of the last forms of FTL. Is considerably far more advanced than Hyperspace or Warp based FTL. However requires "MASSIVE" capacitor banks to store energy for the drive to activate. Will rely on charge rate to use the Jumpdrive. Jumpdrive itself will have a charge time - say 15-30 minutes, also the size of the Jumpdrive is massive - only large ships can handle it - as well as the support infrastructure required to operate it. It also requires near constant maintenance. The advantage is that the jump drive can cover a large distance instantly - no time to travel, and has no speed, you just blink into existence at your destination. Anyway these are simply theories on what could be available for transportation later on in the game, once the technological level of the civilizations are able to access, research, and use it. So what do you think of expanding the potential means later on the game for FTL. Should we have access to better forms of FTL later on in the game? What are your opinions on this? Feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject - feedback is appreciated - and also leave a like. And remember to have fun debating!
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